‘Chicago Fire’: Here’s Where You Recognize Susan Weller From

by Madison Miller

There’s no question that the “One Chicago” universe has snagged some pretty amazing actors over the years. It’s these familiar, as well as new, faces that have made shows like “Chicago Fire” so interesting. That, and the fact that these shows have so much hard to resist drama.

“Chicago Fire” has featured an immense rotating cast that has kept things incredibly fresh over the years. Plenty of characters has come and gone within the hundreds of action-packed episodes. Some are memorable, others may slip out of our memory a little bit.

One rather memorable character appeared in the fifth season of “Chicago Fire.” It was Susan Weller (played by Lauren Stamile), a consultant to Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) during his aspiring political career.

She had a short run on the series. Susan Weller only popped up for a total of five episodes. Even though it was short-lived, Lauren Stamile may look very familiar to fans of the show.

As it turns out, she is no stranger to a variety of different guest roles on TV. That will include different shows like “Scrubs,” “The Drew Carey Show,” and “The West Wing.”

One of her most popular early roles likely has to be in the sitcom “Off Centre.”

This show focused on two close friends that shared an apartment together in Manhattan. The two friends were British (Sean Maguire) and American (Eddie Kay Thomas). The reason this was the “Chicago Fire” star’s big break is that it was one of her series regular roles. She got to play Liz Lombardi, which was the main love interest of one of the friends.

Seeing as “Off Centre” wasn’t that popular, you may remember the “Chicago Fire” star from somewhere else. In the massive medical drama, “Grey’s Anatomy,” she played nurse Rose. It can be a bit hard to forget her role, seeing as she had a relationship with Derek Shepherd himself (A.K.A McDreamy, A.K.A. Patrick Dempsey.)

She inserted herself in a bit of a love triangle during seasons four and five alongside Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo).

Additionally, her other major recurring role was in the show “Community” as Michelle Slater. She played another not-so-likable character here. Slater is a statistics professor that ends up getting romantically involved with her student, played by Joel McHale. She quite literally went missing after the first season and characters would mention her disappearance.

Lastly, you may recognize this “Chicago Fire” face from her role in “Burn Notice.” She played Dani Pearce starting in season five. She helps investigate a death and grows a close partnership with Jeffrey Donovan’s character. It was only about a season-long job for Stamile, but it certainly stands out.

As for most recent roles, you can see her in “Let Us In,” “Rita,” and an episode of “Veronica Mars.”