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‘Chicago Fire’: Here’s Why Lieutenant Seager Looks Familiar

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

This season of “Chicago Fire” struck hard as it saw the departure of fan-favorite Captain Matt Casey. Following, we’ve also seen the return of several recurring characters. One is none other than arson investigator Wendy Seager. Her latest appearance on the show came as one of the crew’s calls became an arson investigation.

Now, we’ve become familiar with Wendy Seager. However, some Outsiders may recognize actress Andy Allo from before her time as a “Chicago Fire” star.

Allo’s first “Chicago Fire” appearance took place in the hit show’s eighth season. However, before joining the fire crew, the actress upheld a variety of roles across the entertainment industry. With an assist from Looper, let’s take a look at what those were.

For you Prince fans out there, the “Chicago Fire” star previously held a role in his backing band. Simultaneously, Allo worked to release music of her own between 2011 and 2017. According to the outlet, she played guitar and sang backup to Prince, later beginning to write alongside the music legend. As to Allo’s own music, she released her album Superconductor in 2012, Hello in 2015, and One Step Closer in 2017.

Soon enough, though, Allo also began to explore a career in acting.

2017 saw Andy Allo playing Serenity in “Pitch Perfect 3,” starring as a rival band member to the protagonist group spotlighting Anna Kendrick. In 2018, the “Chicago Fire” star appeared in two episodes of “Black Lightning.”

However, prior to her current role, Looper states the star’s major success came most recently holding a role on Amazon Prime’s 2020 series, “Upload.” The actress and musician saw critical acclaim for her performance, and we are excited to see what she brings next on “Chicago Fire.”

‘Chicago Fire’ Sees Competition in New CBS Series, ‘Cal Fire’

This season of “Chicago Fire” has unleashed a blaze of change and new characters. Meanwhile, CBS is working on its own first responder series: “Cal Fire.” As such, we’re interested to see how the two shows compare.

Initially, it seemed CBS decided to join the trend of explorative first responder series. They soon threw their hats alongside, of course, “Chicago Fire,” but also the hit series, “9-1-1: Lonestar.”

However, while Outsiders may venture outside the comfort of “One Chicago’s” successful storylines, it appears the CBS-based first responder series plans to explore a different side of firefighting.

As we know after 10 seasons on NBC, “Chicago Fire” follows the exciting, dramatic, and adrenaline-pumping calls and rescues our favorite first responders respond to across the city of Chicago. Many of these rescues include major structure fires, but also saves like this season’s unique car wash rescue, among others.

Comparatively, “Cal Fire,” debuts as the brainchild of “SEAL Team” star Max Thieriot. The show will explore a whole different region and style of firefighting. For this CBS series, we head west to California. Here, we’ll follow the growth and development of laboring convict Bode Donovan. The series witnesses the character working to shorten his sentence, alongside the state’s forest and wildfire crews to do so.

Overall, the two shows’ varying dynamics will provide Outsiders an interesting perspective. The unique plotlines give insight into the lives of our brave first responders across the country.