‘Chicago Fire’: Here’s Why Stella Kidd Was Gone

by Kati Michelle

For a while, “Chicago Fire” was missing one particularly beloved face. No, we’re not talking about Jesse Spencer, though that still stings a bit. Instead, we’re talking about Miranda Rae Mayo’s Stella Kidd. Her character’s hiatus had the fans desperately wishing for a time machine.

But what inspired her absence in the first place? Was it drama on the set? Outsiders know that that’s a little far-fetched, so it had to be something else. Unfortunately for the fans, last night’s episode didn’t seem to make things any clearer.

‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Are Left Scratching Their Heads

They say you should always be careful what you wish for and perhaps Stella Kidd’s return to “Chicago Fire” is an example of that. Although fans were happy to see Miranda Rae Mayo’s face once again, it seems that the storyline missed a beat or two. Fans just can’t seem to wrap their heads around Stella’s decision to “ghost” Severide. You know, the man she was supposed to marry?

“She just kind of got paralyzed,” Mayo told TV Line in reference to Kidd’s relationship and career.

“Basically, you’ll see in Episode 10 that essentially it’s easy, I think, for [Severide] and for viewers to think that she’s nervous about getting married. But I honestly think that Stella loves that man so much. There’s no one that she would rather be with. It’s just a lot of pressure, getting married. Stepping into a leadership position, especially after Casey. I think the pressure got to her. She just kind of leaned into what felt like home, doing Girls on Fire and being surrounded by women and really excelling with that project that she started that was like her baby.”

Still, some fans don’t really buy it. And now it seems that the couple is only headed towards murkier waters.

Trouble in Paradise

“If I were Kelly,” Mayo says, “I would be terrified.”

“I think Severide has done similar things when he needs to get away or when life is too much for him he shuts down. And that might make it even more triggering. Like, you know how hard it is for me to open up and what a journey we’ve had in opening the lines of communication, and then you turn around and don’t communicate? That would be really scary. It just would feel so, so challenging if I were him.”

Of course, the latest cliffhanger ending didn’t really do the couple any favors either.

At the end of the day, though, Miranda Rae Mayo says she’s incredibly happy to be back on set.

“I’m so happy to be back. Honestly, that is like my second home. It just feels so good to be back and in the swing of things. I’m so happy with what they’re doing with Stella’s storyline.”