‘Chicago Fire’: How Severide and Stella Are at a Romantic Crossroads

by Shelby Scott

Several weeks have passed since “Chicago Fire” returned to NBC following its midseason hiatus. On the romance front, things are progressing much more quickly than “One Chicago” fans might have anticipated. Finally, we saw Brett head to Oregon to visit the beloved former Captain Matt Casey. She then returned to Firehouse 51 refreshed, content, and ready to go. As for our other paramedic, Violet, things between her and Field Chief Hawkins become ever more complicated. However, our attention remains fixed on the series’ current forerunning couple, Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd. For now, we watch as they approach a romantic crossroads.

The midseason premiere of “Chicago Fire” saw Severide and Stella confront the relationship problems that arose while the latter was on the East Coast promoting Girls on Fire. Since then, things have been incredibly tense between the two firefighters. However, both have made it clear they intend to continue choosing each other.

However, as Fansided points out, Severide faces potentially more problems than he realizes. While Stella continues to navigate her fiancé’s changed attitude toward her, Stella has noticed the attraction apparent between Severide and arson investigator, Wendy Seager.

As “Chicago Fire” fans know, Seager has made multiple appearances alongside Severide over the last few seasons, with several taking place in season 10 alone. As per the outlet, its immediately apparent Seager is attracted to Severide and she makes little effort to hide her interest. That’s especially in front of Stella as fans saw during “Chicago Fire’s” latest episode.

“Chicago Fire” returns with a brand new episode tonight at 9 p.m. EST, and with it, we’re sure to see more “Stellaride” drama. However, as showrunner Derek Haas points out, we “haven’t seen the last of Seager.”

‘Chicago Fire’ Sees Growing Tension at House 51

As showrunners have reminded fans, Stella Kidd is back at Firehouse 51 for good, and while things seem incredibly tense between her and Severide, it appears the two plan to work on rebuilding the broken pieces of their relationship.

That said, Firehouse 51 faces even more tension on another front. During last week’s episode, “Fog of War,” we saw Lieutenant Pelham receive a recommendation for termination after a potentially deadly incident took place on a call and the newest cast member received the blame.

This week, as Chief Boden now knows Pelham’s integrity and loyalty as an individual and firefighter alike, he faces off with Deputy District Chief Don Killbourne as the latter comes for Pelham’s job.

“This isn’t your fight,” Pelham tells the chief. Always the faithful Boden, he replies, “The hell it isn’t.”

Check out the preview below.

While we hate to see any of our favorite characters facing major conflicts like these, it definitely makes for an exciting Wednesday night event. Be sure to tune in!