‘Chicago Fire’: How the Show Decided What City To Be Based In

by Shelby Scott

As the fall season continues on NBC, the “One Chicago” franchise has seen major success in ratings surrounding their flagship show, “Chicago Fire.” And while the franchise has seen the addition of its other successful spin-offs “Chicago P.D.” and “Chicago Med,” one question you may be wondering about is why the franchise centered in on the city of Chicago in the first place.

Known for its bitter winters, the franchise’s home city has seen a lot of interesting calls for Firehouse 51. We tend to think of fire outbreaks primarily in the summer months. But, as we’ve seen over the 10 seasons of “Chicago Fire,” the worst calls often take place in the winter.

Thankfully, however, we now have concrete answers as to why showrunners chose Chicago as the setting for one of our favorite franchises. According to Looper, Chicago was the franchise’s premier choice for setting for two major reasons. As one of the country’s biggest cities, it sat beside iconic cities like New York City and Los Angeles.

According to “Chicago Fire” writer Michael Brandt, New York City was “too touchy” a setting for a show spotlighting firefighters. 10 years following the bombings of 9/11, and even this year on the 20th anniversary, “Sept. 11 is still a big subject there.”

As for Los Angeles, the showrunner stated the City of Angels did not “have enough weather” to be dramatic. So, to Chicago we went.

Now, we couldn’t imagine one of our favorite franchises taking place in any other city. Between extreme weather conditions, local crime and hostile communities, among the sheer population, “Chicago Fire” has become one of NBC‘s prolific first responder series.

‘Chicago Fire’ Character Departure Leaves Absence in Authority Chain

It’s been just about two weeks since “Chicago Fire’s” beloved captain, Matt Casey, saw his departure from Firehouse 51. Now, two episodes featuring the actor’s absence leaves franchise fans wondering who will fill Casey’s shoes?

The obvious choice may be current Lieutenant Kelly Severide, one of the show’s original characters and authority. However, “Chicago Fire” has a host of viable leaders capable of potentially filling the departed captain’s spot.

Casey began his role on “Chicago Fire” as a Lt. just like Severide currently is. So it makes sense the latter would take over for Casey. However, as longtime fans of the show know, Severide has remained dedicated to Rescue Squad 3 from the start. Beginning his “Chicago Fire” career on Truck 3, Severide has created a well-oiled machine over on squad and it would be almost as upsetting to see the lieutenant depart squad as it was for us to watch Casey leave.

As for other options? Lieutenant Christopher Herrmann frequently served under Casey on truck 81, helping raise and train younger crew members like Darren Ritter and Blake Gallo. However, following the conclusion of season nine, we also saw Stella Kidd earn the title of Lieutenant as well. So as “Chicago Fire” appears to be taking their time in making a decision, we have several perfectly capable replacements ready to fill Casey’s spot on truck.