‘Chicago Fire’: How Taylor Kinney Knew He Was ‘Part of Something Good’ on Show

by Chase Thomas

Chicago Fire is one of NBC’s hottest shows, and star actor Taylor Kinney knew this was going to be the case right away.

Kinney spoke to FrontRowFeatures back in 2017 where he said, “So, if it’s a fire house that I walk by, some of the guys yell out, ‘Hey, it’s Taylor! Come on in and have some corned beef. Good to see you, Nice to meet you. Could we get a picture? Tell my kids, ‘hi!’ That was kind of the reassuring thing that let me know that I’m a part of something good.”

So, he knew. It was the right kind of combination for Kinney and the program to succeed. If they had not done their homework on what it means to be a true firefighter, none of this works. It needed to be realistic. It needed to be accurate. From Kinney’s perspective, especially when he talks about speaking with other firefighters locally, it seems like the cast and crew nailed it.

What dos Taylor Kinney want to see on the show?

Kinney cares what the people of Chicago think of the program as he said, “The people in Chicago are proud of the success of the show. I remember when we were starting Season One, there’s a consultant on the show named Tony, who’s an actual firefighter. He’s become a good friend and confidante.

The 40-year-old actor continued by adding: “When we (the actors) started using the firefighting tools, whether the jaws of life or halligans (a firefighting tool used to gain entry), or just getting familiar with the terminology, he helped me. I told him then that once the show started, I wanted to be able to walk down the street in any part of the city, and when I pass a fire house, I at least get the guys to say, “You’re doing a pretty good job. You’re doing us right.”

How cool is that?

Once Kinney got that reassurance from the good folks of Chicago and the fire department alike, he knew the show was going to do well. What’s more, he has become close to a consultant on the show who is actually a firefighter.

He could have brushed him off and done it his own way, but that is not what happened. Kinney and the cast have bought into the program and Chicago and it has paid dividends for NBC and the cast. Chicago Fire began in 2012 and just kicked off its tenth season on NBC where it does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.