‘Chicago Fire’: How, When to Watch Tonight’s Season 10 Return

by Shelby Scott

After several long weeks, and an even longer holiday break, “Chicago Fire” returns to screens tonight. With that, Outsiders couldn’t be more excited to see their favorite first responders back in action. And as always, we’re here with all the details for how and when you can watch tonight’s Season 10 return.

As per Fansided, “Chicago Fire” returns to its home network on NBC at its usual time slot at 9 p.m. ET. However, for those of you without cable, not to fear! You still have plenty of streaming options.

In addition to its home on NBC, Outsiders can also head to the network’s website to catch the brand new episode for free. Another popular streaming service for “Chicago Fire” fans is FuboTV, according to the outlet.

Additionally, you can also find brand new episodes of “Chicago Fire” on Hulu + Live. With the additional “Live” feature, fans can not only access brand new episodes. The outlet also states viewers can access previous episodes of “Chicago Fire” on demand.

However, if you don’t feel like paying the additional bucks for Hulu + Live, and you’re not concerned about spoilers, all brand new episodes from the “One Chicago” franchise are loaded to Hulu the following day.

Overall, there’s no lack of options for viewing when it comes to “Chicago Fire.”

That said, be sure to check back here Outsiders for all trending “Chicago Fire” stories and reports.

Is ‘Chicago Fire’s’ Stella Kidd Pregnant?

There’s obviously going to be a lot of drama and tension heading into tonight’s brand new episode of “Chicago Fire,” especially considering Stella Kidd‘s surprise return at the very end of December’s midseason finale. Overall, showrunners have already hinted that the previously missing firefighter will have to navigate difficult conversations not only with her fiancé Kelly Severide but also with Firehouse 51’s Chief Boden.

Nevertheless, it appears, based on the title of the upcoming episode, “Back with A Bang,” that Stella does not hesitate in jumping back into action. That said, however, fans have begun wondering if a potential Stellaride pregnancy could be the reason for Kidd’s months-long silence.

So far, writers and showrunners have provided absolutely no proof or suggestions regarding a potential pregnancy. However, in the weeks that Stella’s been missing, fans feel there’s been something extremely off about her absence.

During promos, the Stella Kidd actress has noted that the character’s return appears panicked. Even the preview for the upcoming episode shows Kidd a little out of character when speaking with Severide.

Showrunner Derek Haas also previously revealed the character faces some “life-changing” decisions with her Season 10 return.

As I said, however, there’s nothing concrete to support the Stella Kidd/pregnancy theory, however, with how much Severide and Kidd’s relationship has progressed and matured, it would be pretty cool to see two of our leading “Chicago Fire” characters with a little one.