‘Chicago Fire’: How Will Stella and Jesse Spencer’s Replacement Get Along?

by Shelby Scott

Tonight premieres the latest episode following Captain Matt Casey’s “Chicago Fire” departure. Last week saw our favorite fire crew subbing for Chicago’s entire 911 call center. Meanwhile, this week sees the addition of a new face. And following Casey’s departure and Stella’s current absence, it looks like our “Chicago Fire” crew may potentially have a hard time adjusting to their newest lieutenant. And that’s even as a temporary addition.

This Wednesday night’s episode debuts “Chicago Fire’s” newest cast member Brett Dalton as he plays interim Lieutenant Jason Pelham. Based on the episode’s synopsis, we know young Blake Gallo struggles to accept the new authority figure. However, despite that, we have an even bigger question. That’s whether Stella Kidd, who recently earned the title of Lieutenant, will get along with Firehouse 51’s newest fireman.

If things play out as they normally do on “Chicago Fire,” survey says no. Although tonight, we will already see one of our fire crew members butting heads with the new lieutenant. Regardless, “Chicago Fire” showrunner Derek Haas gave further insight as to what to expect regarding Matt Casey’s currently vacant position.

“Whether or not Stella will be Lieutenant of Truck 81 now that Casey has left is going to be a hot topic of conversation,” Haas began. He further promised the issue continues to play out over the course of the next several episodes. Based on that, we know the solution won’t be easily achieved. Additionally, is it fair for the crew to hold the open position for Stella while she’s off expanding her Girls On Fire program in Boston?

When Will Stella Return to ‘Chicago Fire?’

Outsiders who have been following along with the latest season of “Chicago Fire” know that Stella, our newest Lieutenant and fiancé to Lieutenant Kelly Severide, has been missing over the last few episodes. The crew explained her absence as she’s been on the East Coast in Boston, expanding her Girls On Fire Program.

We know the actress doesn’t have any plans for departing “Chicago Fire” this season. However, quite a while has passed since she last appeared on-screen. Additionally, with Casey out and the addition of our new lieutenant, showrunners revealed Stella might not return any time soon.

In discussion with TVLine, Haas said “Chicago Fire” fans can expect the character’s actress, Miranda Rae Mayo, to return sometime “before the end of this calendar year.” However, that means we might not see the actress’s return until the winter holidays.

Nevertheless, should her absence continue, it definitely does put a kink in the works of her taking over as Truck 81’s Lieutenant. For now, we’ll cross our fingers and hope her stay in Boston doesn’t last too much longer.