‘Chicago Fire’ Is Bringing Back One Event to the Show

by Lauren Boisvert

There’s a storyline that “Chicago Fire” fans haven’t seen in a while that’s coming back this season. According to showrunner Derek Haas, it’s gala season again; an upcoming episode marks the return of the Chicago Fire Department Gala. Haas added that previous seasons didn’t include the gala because of the pandemic.

“[W]e haven’t been able to do [the Gala] since COVID,” Haas told TV Line. He then gave fans an ominous little hint, saying, “It’s definitely not going to go the way you think it’s gonna go.”

Whatever that could mean, it’ll still be a fun time for fans and characters alike. The gala episode usually aired in November, and was a place where various romantic relationships bloomed or crashed and burned. There was always drama at the gala, and now it’s going to be back. Most likely, it’ll be used to draw viewers in February, so keep an eye out for that.

‘Chicago Fire’: Stella and Severide Are at a Romantic Crossroads

In the mid-season premiere of “Chicago Fire”, Stella and Severide began to navigate the strange situation they’d found themselves in. Stella had been gone for months on the East Coast, without a word to Severide. When she finally came back, showing up without telling anyone, they had a long talk about where they stand as a couple.

Now, Stella has to figure out Severide’s changed attitude towards her, plus navigate the apparent attraction between her fiancé and Wendy Seager, the arson investigator. Seager is definitely attracted to Severide and doesn’t try to hide it. That wasn’t an issue with Stella gone, but now that she’s back, Severide will have to deal with those consequences.

There are always romantic entanglements happening on “Chicago Fire.” Will the gala episode help smooth some of those out, or just make them worse? The gala seems like the perfect time for some drama to happen between Stella, Severide, and Seager. We hate to see these characters suffer, but the drama is oh so fun to watch.

Tensions Heat Up at Firehouse 51

Tensions are definitely rising at Firehouse 51; Stella and Severide are in conflict, but that’s not where the tension is coming from. In the latest episode, Lieutenant Pelham was given a recommendation for termination after he was blamed for a call gone wrong.

Deputy District Chief Don Killbourne is coming for Pelham’s job, but Boden knows that Pelham has integrity and loyalty to the position. There’s no way the Chief is going to let Pelham get fired for something that wasn’t his fault, but can he do enough to save Pelham? Is the Chief’s word enough? There’s going to be a big fight coming up; maybe the gala will set the stage for a showdown between chiefs.