‘Chicago Fire’: Is Gallo Going To Get Back Together With His Ex Carla?

by Anna Dunn

Some fans of Chicago Fire are wondering if Gallo is going to get back with his ex. Leading up to tomorrow’s Christmas-themed midseason finale, showrunner Derek Haas told TV Insider about what we should expect. What he said is only feeling the speculation.

In the interview about the new Chicago Fire episode, Haas teased quite the drama for the “Brew Crew,” the comedic trio that’s definitely won over fans.

“The Brew Crew—as we call our trio of young firefighters/paramedics Gallo (Alberto Rosende), Ritter (Daniel Kyri), and Violet (Hanako Greensmith),” Haas said, “are previewing their new beer at the big outdoor drinking and eating festival.”

But that’s not all. It looks like they’re going to hit a pretty major bump in the road at the festival. Apparently, major complications ensue when Gallo’s ex with a different brew company shows up. Violet and Gallo haven’t necessarily expressed those feelings for each other. Though it’s very clear they’re there. But could Gallo’s ex put a wrench in things, or encourage one of them to finally act?

“These unrequited feelings happen to bubble up right at Winterfest,” Haas teased. “It’s a perfect storm of Violet, Gallo and Carla, and Ritter, who has to hide his eyes from the debacle that’s unfolding in front of him.”

Lots of fans are rooting for Violet and Gallo. And with Ritter tagging along for the mess, it should be quite the entertaining storyline that’ll hopefully provide some much-needed comic relief. The episode should feature some important professional moments for Severide, Cruz, and the rest of the characters.

Also, Kidd is set to finally make her return! But she’s not the only one coming back for the special fall finale episode.

Photos From the Fall Finale Reveal the Return of a Beloved ‘Chicago Fire’ Character

Fans don’t just have brew crew drama to look forward to in the upcoming episode. An old character is returning for the fall finale. Okay, he may not have had the most speaking roles, but that doesn’t mean he can’t steal the show.

Tuesday the dalmation is coming back! New photos posted by One Chicago Center show that little Tuesday will be back for the special Christmas episode. Tuesday was last seen in season 8 and fans already miss him. And can you blame them? He’s absolutely adorable.

The photos with Tuesday show him hanging out on the couch next to Randall “Mouch” McHolland and greeting the Brew Crew.

Wednesday night will also see the fall finales of Chicago PD, which doesn’t look like it’ll be holiday-themed, and Chicago Med, which does appear to be holiday-themed. Chicago Fire airs between the two shows at 9/8 Central on NBC.