‘Chicago Fire’: Is Pelham Going To Be Replaced?

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Phillip Faraone/FilmMagic)

Ever since he came into the picture, Jason Pelham has had a big question mark next to him from Chicago Fire fans.

By now, fans know about Pelham’s past. His spotty record followed him to Station 51. However, he has proven himself to be a good firefighter and risen above his reputation. Now that he is a lieutenant there are some that feel he has been promoted inappropriately. Kidd has come back, and that has made the tension rise in the station.

Up until Back with a Bang Pelham and Kidd had never met before. After they were introduced it was clear that there would be some uneasiness between the two. Kidd didn’t get the promotion. She didn’t pick up the phone with the Chief called and that cost her the promotion on Chicago Fire.

Nothing too bad happens. Kidd stays composed and so does Pelham for the most part. After some pleasant exchanges, things eased up, at least the two can work together professionally.

While Boden made the decision to promote Pelham, another chief, Kilbourne, is not so happy about the choice. He starts to cite Pelham’s past and the issues he had at his previous stations. That has to be taken into account according to Kilbourne. If he is able to raise enough stink, then the new lieutenant could be in danger of a demotion.

Now, Boden isn’t going to appreciate his decisions being second-guessed, even if it is a fellow chief. However, that doesn’t mean he is invincible. As the season of Chicago Fire continues there is going to be a big question about whether Pelham is going to remain. Now that he has been promoted, the target on his back seems bigger than ever.

‘Chicago Fire’ If Pelham Is Demoted Will He Leave?

Ever since Pelham came on the show, it has been uncertain if he is going to remain on the cast. He could just be a temporary cast member, or he might remain. There hasn’t been a lot of information to point to him staying. Now, as Chicago Fire prepares for next week, fans are leaning towards him leaving.

Showrunner Derek Haas talked about what fans should expect as Pelham’s story continues to unfold.

“We’re going to look into more of why he was floating for as long as he was, and that story is just beginning,” Haas explained. “There are some enemies out there who were perfectly content to keep him out of the permanent leadership position. So that’s going to bring in the whole house.”

Chicago Fire continues this season with more from Pelham and likely from Kidd. Boden is going to try and stand his ground on Jason’s promotion to lieutenant.