‘Chicago Fire’: Is Severide’s Engagement in Jeopardy?

by Shelby Scott

Tonight finally debuts the long-awaited midseason finale of “Chicago Fire”. With that, we can hopefully look forward to the return of the fan-favorite character, Lieutenant Stella Kidd. However, if Outsiders remember correctly, we haven’t seen Stella since episode four of season 10. At that, we wonder what the state of hers and Kelly Severide‘s engagement will be upon her return. We’re also wondering whether they’ll be able to rekindle their relationship after so much time apart.

According to Looper, much of the “Chicago Fire” midseason finale will center around Severide as he navigates both workplace trouble and the state of his engagement. Drama ensues as Chief Boden finally announces a replacement for Matt Casey after his October departure from Firehouse 51.

Of the situation, “Chicago Fire” showrunner Derek Haas said, “Boden needs to fill this spot and doesn’t like instability and is really concerned that Stella hasn’t come to claim it.”

After all, Boden is the one who encouraged Stella to strive for the Lieutenant’s position and take the exam. However, now it appears she has almost entirely distanced herself from Firehouse 51.

Of Stella’s relationship with Severide, Haas shared, “He’s kind of just put out because Stella has never really gone dark on him.”

As “Chicago Fire” fans well know, she’s simply been ignoring Severide’s calls and texts since she left for Boston.

‘Chicago Fire’ Debuts Several New Subplots

Tonight’s midseason finale debuts the “Chicago Fire’s” first holiday special in a while. That said, Derek Haas revealed two holiday-esque catastrophes. Not only should we expect a giant tree’s collapse. We’ll also face “a mouthful” of an ambulance ride.

Considering Ambo 61’s past rescues, I’m a little trepidatious about finding out what kind of save tonight’s episode will entail.

Speaking of Violet, tonight’s midseason finale also promises a whirlwind of drama for her.

The last we saw, Violet was in the hospital after her appendix ruptured while in a meeting with Chief Hawkins. Interestingly, “Chicago Fire” fans saw another potential romance emerge as the raven-haired chief was taken by Violet’s fiery personality. When it came time for someone to ride along, it was Hawkins, not Violet’s love interest Gallo, who rode with.

That isn’t to say the young fireman didn’t try. In fact, when he went to visit Violet after her surgery, we learn Hawkins remained by Violet’s side through surgery. He even brought her bubbly water before he left.

At that, Gallo’s jealousy spiked. Now, hours from the new “Chicago Fire” episode, we learn not only will Gallo continue to battle his feelings for Violet. According to the Looper preview, he also realizes his relationship with Kara, their contact for WinterFest and the brewery, has been having an affair with him.

Needless to say, tonight promises to be one hot episode of “Chicago Fire.”