‘Chicago Fire’ Star Joe Minoso Explained Why Otis’ Death Hit Him Deeply

by Anna Dunn

Chicago Fire star Joe Minoso explained why Otis’s death hit him so deeply in a 2020 interview. Minoso plays Joe Cruz on the hit NBC series.

In the series, when Otis dies, Minoso was really able to portray the depths of grief. The incident occurred in season 7 when Otis, Joe Cruz’s best friend at the time, died in a mattress factory explosion. The interviewer with Be Latina noted that they were “in tears” over his performance and asked him if he drew any inspiration.

“Thank you very much, a huge compliment. I connected to the idea of loss. Yuri [Otis] has become the best buddy, we were the last two to join the cast. He and I came up like brothers in real life,” Cruz said. So part of it was due to the fact that Minoso was able to draw inspiration from his friend leaving the show.

“The reality of his departure got me to recall all the fun times on the set together and how he would no longer be part of that activity every day is the loss I refer to, it helped me to communicate the emotion,” he explained.

Joe Minoso is a Sucker for His Early Days on ‘Chicago Fire’

Minoso is still on the series and seems to be enjoying himself. However, he has a special place in his heart for the early days. In a different interview with fangirlish, he discussed how much fun he had with the cast when they were all getting to know each other.

When describing his favorite memories, he talked about how he and the cast would sit and talk between scenes.

“It was all new to us, and we were all sort of marveling at the idea that we could get paid to hang out with this cool group of people. Any moment in the back of that truck where we’re laughing till tears come out of our eyes. That’s my favorite moment,” he described. His favorite scenes to film are the more complex rescues because it takes a lot to pull off and they’re super rewarding. There’s been plenty of those this year.

Now, he’s a very seasoned member of the Chicago Fire team and he’s grateful. He’s even cited that getting cast on the show is the “most influential event” of his life. So hopefully, he’ll stick around for a while. After Matt Casey actor Jesse Spencer left, fans are hoping everyone else stays put.

Chicago Fire airs every Wednesday night at 9/8 CT on NBC, but it’s about to go on Hiatus. The next episode, which airs Wednesday, will have a holiday theme to it. You can also catch Chicago MD and Chicago PD on the same night.