‘Chicago Fire’ Star Joe Minoso Opens Up on New York City Heritage

by Shelby Scott

Outsiders know and love actor Joe Minoso for his role as Chicagoan and fireman Joe Cruz on NBC’s hit first responder series, “Chicago Fire.” Over ten memorable seasons, we’ve seen the actor adapt his character to fit the mold of a Chicago firefighter. However, now, we’ve learned he’s incredibly proud of his New York City heritage.

During an April 2020 interview with BELatina, the outlet explored some of the actor’s experience on “Chicago Fire,” as well as some of his personal attributes and preferences. One question he received touched on what the best part of being a New Yorker is.

As many Outsiders know, Minoso responded, “New Yorkers have a fighting spirit. People are proud of where they come from, these are important values.”

The “Chicago Fire” actor touched on some of his own upbringing in being raised in what he called “the hood.”

“Being raised in the Bronx, the ‘hood,’ I have felt the singular energy that is unique to New York City,” he explained. “There is no place like it, it carries its own heartbeat.”

From New York City to Chicago

Minoso’s love for his home city must translate to certain performances on “Chicago Fire.” Frequently, we’ve seen not only Joe Cruz but some of the show’s most lovable characters explore what it means to be a Chicago community member.

Wednesday night’s midseason finale actually touched a little on that topic. We saw the community come together as Sylvie Brett presented her paramedicine program to the Chicago Fire Department board.

With the help of the department’s Field Chief, Brett saw her program receive prompt support and funding. But only after a group of Chicago natives came in to express their positive experiences with Brett. Overall, it was a prime example of the city’s close-knit ties between its first responders and its local citizens.

‘Chicago Fire’ Character to Reunite with Family This Season

Joe Minoso previously held a major storyline throughout season nine and the early part of “Chicago Fire’s” season 10. Now, paramedic Sylvie Brett is set to face some important storylines when the show returns next month.

Wednesday night’s midseason finale concluded or expanded on a lot of ongoing plotlines. Unfortunately, Minoso’s lovable character Joe Cruz did not hold a major part. Although, he did feature heavily prior to the birth of his infant son. Now though, per “Chicago Fire” showrunner Derek Haas, Brett is set to explore a new storyline later this season.

In speaking with TVLine, Haas revealed that Kara Killmer’s character will reunite with some family members of her own throughout season 10.

Specifically, he stated Brett will encounter both her two-year-old sister, Amelia, and Amelia’s father, the widower to her birth mom Julie.

Considering the ongoing pandemic, however, Haas shared with the outlet he and other crew members are struggling to figure out how young cast members can be on the set. “So we’re working through that because we do want to see her this year,” Haas confirmed.

So far, we have no indication of when Brett might reunite with her family. However, all things are possible when the show returns to NBC on January 5th at 9 p.m. ET.