‘Chicago Fire’ Star Joe Minoso Has Plans to Make a Short Film Starring Christian Stolte

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

Chicago Fire star Joe Minoso is already looking into the future. You might be wondering what all that might entail, though. Well, Minos revealed in a recent interview that he has plans to make a short film starring Christian Stolte.

Yes, Minoso is looking to get behind the camera in the future. In the interview, he said, “Yes. I’m actually working right now with a writer to potentially direct a small film starring Christian Stolti. It’s originally a play that I did almost 10 years ago, and we think it could be a beautiful little film.”

Interesting that this will be a small film, as Minoso starts out in this particular ream. Interestingly enough, it was originally a ply that Minoso concocted as he revealed earlier only to later figure out it also worked as a mini-movie of sorts.

The interview was incredibly insightful for the Chicago Fire star.

The story of Joe Cruz on ‘Chicago Fire’

How did it all start for him, though, on Chicago Fire? Why did he take the role of Cruz and what does he see with the character?

He said, “That’s a fascinating question for episodic television, so much of a character is established year to year and is impossible for an actor to know what to expect. I never anticipated in season one I will leave a man to die in a fire in the effort to save my brother’s life and then cut to two seasons later where I am a Zumba instructor. I think for any actor our responsibility is to find empathy in every character. Reasons that you can latch onto that helps connect you to that role.”

The Cruz timeline is not linear. He has had his ups and downs on the NBC drama, but that’s one of the reasons that makes him so interesting to so many folks.

He continued, “For Cruz, I felt it was important that you understand how much he wears his heart on his sleeve. How much he truly loves his family and how he’s willing to go to tremendous extremes to protect them. I thought that was the only way we would know how genuine a man he really is and why he chose this profession.”

The character has been through a lot, but he’s a family-first man, to be sure. He wants to protect his family at all costs, which is part of the reason he is so fascinated by the program. There is no doubt what kind of man Cruz is, but when you are that genuine problems can arise as we’ve seen in the past. You can watch Chicago Fire on NBC. It is also available to stream on Peacock as well.