‘Chicago Fire’: Joe Minoso Revealed the Skill He Has to Maintain to Keep Up Success

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by JC Olivera/Getty Images)

“Chicago Fire” celebrated the debut of its 10th season this year and marked its milestone 200th episode. That said, the show’s success comes as a result of its cast members. As Outsiders well know, our “Chicago Fire” stars always find a way to keep the show engaging and exciting. However, “Chicago Fire” star Joe Minoso shared the skill he has to maintain to ensure his success.

Always genuine and honest, the “Chicago Fire” star revealed to occhimagazine.com that listening is a major contributor to his success.

Minoso shared, “Above everything else, an actor must be able to listen and actively interpret what they’re listening to in order to be able to respond accordingly.”

As a result, his listening led him to success as “Chicago Fire” became the “most influential event” of Minoso’s life. Listening has not only earned him an iconic role on NBC. It’s also provided him his first home and led him to his wife Caitlin Murphy Miles. At the same time, “Chicago Fire” introduced him to a vast group of friends that are more like family.

Further, his statement is surely true as an actor. However, we’ve definitely seen his character Cruz actively listening to fellow members of “Chicago Fire” within the show. His attentive personality has enabled him to maintain positive connections with all of the members at Firehouse 51. That is, despite previous fallouts, struggles, and challenges.

‘Chicago Fire’ Star Studied with Chicago Firefighters

As Joe Minoso shared, listening is certainly an important attribute when it comes to being an actor. That said, observing is nearly as important as listening. “Chicago Fire” star Taylor Kinney revealed that skill as he studied alongside Chicago firemen for his role.

Much like his character Severide on “Chicago Fire,” Kinney shared in a 2013 interview that he enjoys working with his hands and the physical experience of labor. Therefore, he shared that prior to starring on the hit show, he and other cast members went for a ride-along with one of the Windy City’s local firehouses. Of the experience, he said, “I have a high respect for these guys.”

He explained that in working alongside genuine first responders, he and the rest of the “Chicago Fire” cast members experienced the reality the city’s firefighters face. And oftentimes, as we might expect, they’re not pleasant.

Kinney shared during the ride-alongs, he and the rest of the cast members would respond alongside the first responders. In doing so, they saw both big and small calls as well as others involving gun shootings, potential jumpers, and more. Further, he stated that most of the Chicago firefighters are required to have EMS training, so they often respond to calls alongside paramedics and law enforcement alike.

Overall, the star said he realized first responders go “above and beyond” on a regular basis as a part of their job requirement. While we love “Chicago Fire,” it’s not pretend for American firefighters.