‘Chicago Fire’ Star Joe Minoso Explains Why Pandemic Didn’t Change His View on First Responders

by Shelby Scott

As Outsiders well know, first responders never know what to expect when they kick off their shift. That sense of uncertainty heightened with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, even our most experienced medical personnel were faced with situations they’d never encountered before. Now, after ten seasons playing a first responder on “Chicago Fire,” and nearly two years navigating COVID-19, Joe Cruz actor Joe Minoso explained why, even amid the pandemic, his view of our healthcare heroes never changed.

In speaking with BELatina, Minoso received the question as to whether the pandemic has shifted his view of the role he plays as one of Chicago’s first responders.

At the time of the interview, in spring of 2020, the “Chicago Fire” actor said, “I have been playing a first responder for eight years, so my perspective has remained the same.”

Of the pandemic’s effect on first responders, Minoso shared, “The recent events have solidified how crucial and remarkable they are as people.”

His comment points to both their determination in resilience in maintaining the best possible care for affected individuals.

He continued, “I hope this pandemic highlights the gratitude owed to first responders for all the work they do for the public. We owe them!”

‘Chicago Fire’ Explores Mental Tole on First Responders

And as we’ve seen lately, “Chicago Fire” spends a lot of time exploring the dedication of these American heroes.

One very recent example includes Wednesday night’s Santa Claus rescue during the midseason finale. The call saw an elderly man impaled by a branch from the city park’s Christmas tree. In a moment of complete transparency, Mouch shared some of the mental tole that begins to affect first responders.

He confided in fellow fireman Christopher Herrmann that each rescue and every victim have worn heavier on his heart the longer he’s served as a first responder.

To combat those feelings, he and the rest of Truck 81 went above and beyond to help the victim after his recovery. Mouch and a handful of Firehouse 51’s other members brought “Santa” to his favorite holiday event, despite his ordeal. In the end, Mouch gets to follow through to the victim’s recovery. On the reverse, he also helps a rescue victim in more ways than one.

‘One Chicago’ Cast Misses Jesse Spencer Every Day

Season 10 of “Chicago Fire” has surely been one of its most dramatic since the death of Brian “Otis” Zvonecek in season eight. A main cause presented itself when “Chicago Fire” mainstay, Jesse Spencer, a.k.a Matt Casey, abruptly departed earlier this season.

His exit came as a shock to most “Chicago Fire” fans. Up to the announcement during the earliest episodes this season, showrunners provided almost no evidence of his coming exit.

Now, two months after the actor’s leave from the NBC show, “Chicago Fire” executive producer said, “We miss his presence. Not only onscreen but onset. He made everyday fun. It’s a big hole and I think you miss that on the show.”

Between Casey’s departure, Mouch’s revelation, and the ongoing pandemic, it’ll be interesting to see wha the hit show brings Outsiders in 2022.