‘Chicago Fire’ Star Kara Killmer Thinks Filming During COVID-19 Pandemic Made Cast Bond More

by Shelby Scott

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a lot of global changes and transformations. However, most dynamically, it affected the way family and friends interact with each other. Additionally, it drastically changed how cast and crew members interacted across television overall. Despite the strange and sometimes uncomfortable changes though, “Chicago Fire” star Kara Killmer thinks filming amid COVID-19 pandemic made the cast bond even more.

Across other hit television dramas and series, we’ve seen numerous cast members bond prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. However “Chicago Fire” was put in an interesting place throughout. In speaking with Tell Tale TV, the Sylvie Brett actress shared what it was like filming with so many protocols and restrictions in place.

She listed a long list of changes. These incorporated everything from masks and face shields to specified walking paths to avoid large gatherings. “It is like working in a cleanroom on the International Space Station,” the “Chicago Fire” star explained.

However, what seemed hardest for Killmer and the rest of the cast was that lack of personal affection. Fans of “Chicago Fire” probably already assume the cast is incredibly close. During her interview, Killmer shared they frequently hug and so the pandemic regulations resulted in a lot of elbow bumping.

Nevertheless, despite all the rules and barriers, Killmer said, “In a weird way, I think it has bonded us I think more, just because everyone’s looking around and feeling like we’re all supporting each other and trying to keep each other healthy. And we’re still just working so hard.”

It appears then that, while we love seeing our “Chicago Fire” cast in action on screens, they’ve taken some of those very real, lifesaving values and incorporated them into their everyday life.

Killmer Pestered ‘Chicago Fire’ Writers for Storyline with Mouch

Kara Killmer’s character Sylvie Brett frequently appears in episodes of “Chicago Fire” as soft-spoken, understanding, and patient. However, it appears the actress is not quite that way off-screen. For curious “One Chicago,” Killmer’s posts frequently highlight her humorous and fun-loving side.

Now, in a recent interview with “Chicago Fire” actor Christian Stolte, we’ve learned the actress can really be quite persuasive.

If you recall, following the sudden departure of Captain Matt Casey, Sylvie Brett simultaneously received approval from the department to ignite and run her own paramedic program. Following approval, “Chicago Fire” fans might assume Brett would choose to work alongside her partner and fellow paramedic Violet. However, she instead approached her friend and senior fireman, Randal “Mouch” McHolland.

Ultimately, Brett works alongside Mouch as she puts her program to the test. In this way, we not only see Brett as a leader in the paramedical field. We also get to see Mouch play the role of health care provider alongside Brett, rather than the role of fireman.

Stolte, McHolland’s actor, said of his and Killmer’s shared storyline, “I give full credit for that to Kara. She and I really enjoy working together.”

Further, once the two cast members confirmed they wanted to do a “Chicago Fire” storyline together, Stolte said, “Kara would go to the writers and say she wanted another storyline with Mouch. She said it enough times where they finally listened.”