‘Chicago Fire’: Kara Kilmer’s Theory on Why Brett and Casey Took Relationship Slowly

by Anna Dunn

Chicago Fire actress Kara Kilmer has a great theory on why Brett and Casey took their relationship so slowly on the show.

Kilmer’s Sylvie Brett took it really slow with Casey, but the two had some very strong reasons to do so, even if it drove impatient fans crazy.

“I do think that Brett is so overwhelmingly aware that this is my former best friend’s ex-husband and girl code. They have a professional relationship and such a beautiful friendship, but mostly it feels like I don’t want to violate something sacred by having a romance with this guy,” Kilmer explained in an interview with Starry Mag last November.

Unfortunately, this “taking it slow” method didn’t wind up working so well. Casey Actor Jesse Spencer actually wound up leaving the franchise this year shortly after Brett and Casey became official. Meanwhile, Brett actress Kara Kilmer is also taking a reduced role.

“She needs to stand up for herself and I do think we have seen Brett have a big personal journey in her romantic life. She will set her needs aside because she wants love so much. I think we saw a little bit of progress going ahead and telling the chaplain that she can’t marry you. And with Casey (Jesse Spencer), I think she does feel like “I don’t want to be second in your mind and we have such a strong connection I don’t even want to mess with it if it can’t be real or exclusive,” the Chicago Fire actress continued.

The two characters have gone on separate paths. The future of their relationship hasn’t really been addressed other than its currently long distance. It’s definitely in question for as long as Casey is away.

Jesse Spencer left ‘Chicago Fire’ To be With Family, Pursue Other Projects

Jesse Spencer recently made the difficult decision to leave Chicago Fire after almost a decade on the show. The actor had spent his previous years on another show. Therefore, his schedule has been absolutely packed for over almost two decades. Now, he wants some time to be with his family and pursue smaller projects.

To wrap up his storyline, Casey decided to sacrifice his position and move to Oregon to take care of two boys. The boys were in a tough situation and needed a caretaker. It was a touching, heroic goodbye to the beloved character, and while fans are sad he’s gone, Chicago Fire will continue without him and has plenty of remaining actors to keep the show interesting.

If you want to catch up on Chicago Fire, it airs on Wednesday nights at 9/8 Central on NBC. It airs along with the other series in the Chicago One franchise, Chicago PD and Chicago Med.