‘Chicago Fire’ Takes Largest Audience in Wednesday Ratings, ‘Survivor’ Wins in Key Demo

by Shelby Scott

Wednesday night was a big night for television, with multiple hit series and franchises closing out their fall season. Among them, NBC‘s “One Chicago” franchise reeled in some impressive numbers in viewership, with “Chicago Fire” leading for the night. Meanwhile, over on CBS, “Survivor” won Wednesday night’s key demo. Read on for the full report.

Always prompt with the most prevalent viewership numbers, TVLine provided a full rundown of the night’s overall performances.

Dick Wolf’s “One Chicago” franchise maintained an identical score across the board for the night’s demo ratings. “Chicago Med,” “Fire,” and “P.D.” all clocked in an impressive 0.7 score. However, of the three, and of the night’s performances as a whole, “Chicago Fire” led in top viewership, maxing out at 6.6 million viewers.

The hit first responder series was closely followed by its sister show, “Chicago Med.” The medical drama saw a total viewership of 6.4 million. So far this season, it’s been “Chicago P.D.” lagging behind. Although, according to the outlet, the midseason finale saw a significant uptick in viewership. The franchise’s cap of the night reigned in a decreased though still impressive total of 5.5 million.

Meanwhile, over on CBS, “Survivor” lagged behind “Chicago Fire,” though pulled up even with “Chicago P.D.” in viewership total. While the competitive series saw a max 5.5 million viewers, it led the night in key demo ratings. “Survivor” boasted a near-perfect rating of 0.9.

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‘Chicago Fire’ Midseason Finale Provides Closure

“Chicago Fire’s” midseason finale debuted with a collection of exciting, heartfelt, and powerful storylines and subplots. First, we explored our senior firemen’s growth within the department over the years. Then, we saw our young Brew Crew navigate intense emotions. And, most memorably, Severide continued to struggle in his relationship with Stella and her ongoing silence.

As a result of that silence, “Chicago Fire” fans finally saw one major plot meet closure. From Matt Casey’s leave way back in October, fans have continued to wonder who will fill the vacant spot on Truck 81. After Stella successfully passed her lieutenant’s exam last season, it at first seemed the obvious choice was her.

However, right after, she left for Boston to expand her Girls on Fire program. Severide and the rest of us have remained in the dark since. Wednesday night’s midseason finale finally saw Chief Boden layout a reasonable though difficult ultimatum for Squad 3’s Lieutenant.

Ultimately, Stella had until the end of the following shift to contact the chief or the open position went to new “Chicago Fire” addition, floating Lieutenant Jason Pelham.

As we know, Pelham had a rocky start at Firehouse 51, though in his short team since arriving, he’s slowly garnered the respect and admiration of not only Chief Boden. He’s also earned the trust of his fellow firemen.

That said, we’re excited to see Pelham take on the new position in addition to watching his character further develop when “Chicago Fire” returns next month.