‘Chicago Fire’: Looking Back at the Moment Brett and Casey Became Fans’ Favorite Couple

by Lauren Boisvert

A fan favorite “Chicago Fire” couple has taken a hit recently. With Matt Casey out of state, he and Sylvie Brett have been doing the long-distance thing. As we know, Jesse Spencer isn’t on the show anymore, so Casey and Brett’s meetups have been off-screen. Fans are kind of waiting for them to just break up, so Brett can move on to something better.

But, enough doom and gloom; let’s revisit the moment when Brett and Casey became fan favorites. From season 3 to 7, Brett and Casey are growing closer as friends, learning to trust each other and giving us some serious chemistry. All this while Casey is married to Dawson. When he and Dawson finally split, that makes room for Brett to nudge her way further into Casey’s life.

There’s a moment in “Chicago Fire” season 9 that solidified Brettsey’s star power; throughout the season, their romantic chemistry kept climbing, with Brett telling Stella that she admitted to Casey that she’s in love with him. Casey reciprocates these feelings in a later episode, claiming he no longer has feelings for his ex-wife and loves Brett.

The moment in season 9 that set Brettsey in stone for fans was in the episode “No Survivors.” Casey steps outside the firehouse for some air, and Brett follows. She finally tells him face to face that she’s in love with him. The two share a kiss, and that’s all she wrote. From then on, Brett and Casey have been a staple couple at the firehouse. A clip of their kiss from the episode has even his 1.5 million views on YouTube. If that doesn’t scream “fan favorite” I don’t know what does.

‘Chicago Fire’: Could Pelham Become the New Battalion Chief?

Pelham replaced Casey as Lieutenant on “Chicago Fire,” and it’s been a bit of a rocky road since then. The squad didn’t exactly warm up to him at first, being that they missed their old Lieutenant. They didn’t trust him, but they’ve learned to in the following episodes since he appeared.

Now, Stella Kidd is back, who was the first choice for the position. There are two people qualified, and they both want to stay on Truck 81. An interesting way to keep them both would be to promote Pelham to battalion chief, Boden’s position.

It seems that recently on “Chicago Fire” Boden has accepted the offer to become Deputy District Chief, and must relocate to CFD Headquarters. That means there will be an open position. Putting Pelham in that position doesn’t make much sense, as he hasn’t even made captain. In order to keep both Pelham and Stella, maybe promote Stella to Chief and keep Pelham on as lieutenant.

That’s bound to cause some drama, but it’s possible that Stella is ready to take on that position. She’s changed a lot since going on her trip to promote Girls On Fire. She stepped up and came back to Chicago, and that shows leadership potential.