‘Chicago Fire’: Meet the New Rookie Joining the Season 10 Cast

by Jacklyn Krol

Chicago Fire will have a new addition to the team this season!

Actor Ynez Spencer announced his addition to the show via his Instagram account. He revealed that he’s been training with the Lubbock, Texas firehouse to prepare for his upcoming role.

“Honored @lubbockfirerescue prepping hard for @nbconechicago fire. #chicagofire #lubbocktx,” he captioned the post. He also included a photo of him being interviewed on the news and a snapshot of his character. Local news station KCBD reported that he will become a new rookie on the show.

Chicago Fire Season 10 has been quite the rollercoaster with all of the casting adjustments. From the surprise exit of Jesse Spencer as Captain Matt Casey to the recent addition of Brett Dalton as Lieutenant Jason Pelham. Now Firehouse 51 can finally expect a new addition.

Currently, there are no other details regarding the casting. However, we can expect that he will join the show sometime during this season. He will most likely be added to the team following the mid-season break in early 2022. Gallo (Alberto Rosende) will no longer be the newest rookie to the team!

So who is Spencer? Not much is known about the up-and-coming actor.

“Before I found my passion with acting, I had my goal to play in the NFL,” he wrote in another post. “Always will love and respect the game! My time playing in semi-pro football before Wayland Baptist University.”

He recently acted opposite Dennis Quaid in the movie American Underdog which premieres on Dec. 10.

How ‘Chicago Fire’ Character Evolved

Chicago Fire star Joe Minoso, who portrays Joe Cruz on the show, sat down with Starry Constellation Magazine to discuss his character’s journey. After Joe suffered from PTSD after almost drowning and has become a father, he’s got a lot on his plate. One Chicago fans have seen less of his character because of the two life changes.

Now that he’s a husband and father, he said that fans will “definitely [see] a side we haven’t seen.”

“He’s a nurturing human being but…we’ve never really seen him interact with a kid,” he added.

Actress Kristin Gutoskie, plays his character’s wife, Chloe. Chicago Fire fans and Minoso are hopeful that fans get the chance to see more of her.

“I’m hoping we get to see so much more of Kristin Gutoskie who plays Chloe on the show. She is such a joy,” he shared.

In real life before his role on Chicago Fire, Minoso suffered from depression, similar to his own character. He became a Zumba instructor after seeing an advertisement for it and lost 70 pounds. It became a passion and he became a certified instructor. Dick Wolf listened to his personal story and created a plot based on it for the show.

During Season 3, Sylvie Brett discovered that Cruz was a Zumba Instructor. She became a student of his in secret. However, soon after, the entire firehouse found out. They began poking fun at him and it became a hit storyline for the show.

“Believe it or not, as Zumba instructors, you have the absolute power to change one life forever,” Minoso shared. “And as somebody who has experienced that change, I humbly bow to you all. I thank you. I applaud you.”