‘Chicago Fire’: Miranda Rae Mayo Explains Stella Kidd’s Mindset on Becoming Lieutenant

by Shelby Scott

It’s been weeks since “Chicago Fire” has aired a brand new episode for season 10. However, after all the holiday excitement, Outsiders can finally look forward to the return of our favorite first responders this Wednesday night. With that, we can also look forward to the return of fan-favorite character Stella Kidd after she made her surprise return at the very end of December’s midseason finale. And while we’re grateful to have the brand new lieutenant back in Chicago, she’s got a lot of explaining to do. To start, we have a little insight as to her mindset regarding her position as a newly branded Lieutenant on “Chicago Fire.”

Throughout the previous season of “Chicago Fire,” it seemed all Stella Kidd was focused on was the Lieutenant’s test, the next logical step in her career at Firehouse 51. As Outsiders expected, she passed the test with flying colors, rapidly earning her new stripes. From there, “Chicago Fire’s” beloved Chief Boden got to work searching for a suitable fit for the new lieutenant.

However, only a handful of episodes into season 10, Stella took off for Boston with the intention to expand her already successful Girls on Fire program. From there, we went most of the season without a single peep from the firefighter, and her sudden return at the midseason finale has Outsiders wondering what she plans to do with her new title. And if she even intends to put it to use.

‘Chicago Fire’ Sees Stella Kidd in a Difficult Situation

Fortunately for us, CinemaBlend has given us a peek into what we might expect from Stella Kidd throughout the remainder of season 10.

In speaking with the outlet, Kidd’s actress, Miranda Rae Mayo, shared, “I think that [becoming a lieutenant] is very important for her to do…I think she really wants to do well for her people.”

However, Mayo also said, “this Girls on Fire program…it’s her heart. Like, she started it from the ground up and it’s doing so well and she doesn’t want to just abandon that..” Which also makes sense.

For “Chicago Fire” fans, this likely creates the next major plotline for on the show. The Stella Kidd actress shared that, should the firefighter pursue a position as Lieutenant, it’s likely she’ll have much less time to put toward her training program.

“She realizes once she steps into the lieutenant’s position,” the “Chicago Fire” actress began, “there probably won’t be time for her to lead that program in the way that she has been. So that’s also something that she is kind of grappling with.”

Overall, as “Chicago Fire” returns to NBC on Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. EST, “there’s a choice to be made” on Stella Kidd’s part.