‘Chicago Fire’: How One Actor Being a ‘Fool for Love’ Led to Deeper Connection with Character

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

When it comes to “Chicago Fire,” Joe Cruz is more than just your “Average Joe Schmoe.” We’ve seen the character make leaps and bounds in his professional life as a fireman over nearly a dozen seasons. That doesn’t mean his journey of growth was without the occasional hiccup, though, especially when it came to his love life.

Apparently, that’s also something Joe Minoso can relate to in his own personal life. The “Chicago Fire” actor ultimately has no regrets, however, because being a “fool for love” has led to a deeper connection with his Joe Cruz character. He broke that down in an interview with Occhi Magazine in the past, and this is what he had to say.

The ‘Chicago Fire’ Star Talks Lessons About Love

Everyone’s felt a broken heart at some point. Maybe your prom date left you lonely at the dance. Maybe your ice cream fell off its cone at the beach before you even got to take a lick. Either way, it’s a ticket to bummer town.

To that, “Chicago Fire” actor Joe Minoso says he’s no stranger. And when asked how he connects to his Joe Cruz character, Minoso says the connection lies in the heartbreak. It made portraying the character equally difficult and cathartic at once. He told Occhi:

“Honestly, probably feeling unrequited love. I used to be a real fool for love, still am really. But I definitely fell in love with all the wrong women. Cruz definitely had this problem. I’m just glad to see it seems he’s grown out of that a bit, sometimes when you want love too bad, it’s easy for others to take advantage of you. He’s just smarter in relationships now and that’s good to see.”

Finding Love on the Show’s Set

Not only did Cruz find love on the “Chicago Fire” set, but Joe Minoso did too! His wife actually worked on the show as a makeup artist, and that’s how the two ended up meeting. They eventually got married in 2016 at an extravagant Chicago-speakeasy-themed wedding.

He described it to the Chicago Tribune:

“We wanted to give a little shoutout to Chicago, so we wanted to do like a 1920s kind of speakeasy thing. And so when people walked in, they had to give like a password that we gave everybody. And it was all like really darkly lit,” Minosos described. “All of the tables were named after speakeasies in Chicago from back in the day. So yeah, we did it up. And of course, how can you not take a picture in front of a firehouse door?”

You can see some of the photos on Caitlin’s Instagram page: