‘Chicago Fire’: One Fan Favorite Makes Their Return

by Lauren Boisvert

Hopefully very soon on “Chicago Fire,” the ultimate fan-favorite character will make their return. I’m talking about Tuesday the Dalmatian, of course. The dog made her debut on the show in season 7, belonging to Ritter. He used to bring her into the station due to her separation anxiety; from there, she grew into a beloved character.

But, she hasn’t been back since season 8, and fans are wondering what happened. Well, a photo was posted on Tuesday’s Instagram showing her in front of a “One Chicago” poster. “Do you see what I see?” said the caption, “Oh my spots, it was so hard to sit still because of my excitement!” The post was tagged with the Cinespace Chicago Film Studios location, so it looks like Tuesday is back on the lot.

Will she make an appearance in episode 9, “Winterfest”? Ritter, Violet, and Gallo are debuting their microbrewery in the new episode, and what better than for Ritter to bring his adorable dog? Buy a beer, pet a dog for free, there’s no better business model.

We know the next “Chicago Fire” episode, the first after the fall hiatus, airs on Dec. 8. It’s titled “Winterfest,” and will be a holiday-themed episode. The synopsis states that Firehouse 51 will be getting into the holiday spirit; hopefully, that means lots of different decorations around the station. There’s also the microbrewery arc, as well as Sylvie trying to get her paramedicine program off the ground. She’ll be taking it to an oversight panel in a bid to get it permanently approved.

‘Chicago Fire’: Real Life Firefighters Teach About Life as a Rookie

“Chicago Fire” cast and crew consult extensively with real-life firefighters about what it’s like to be in that line of work. A few firefighters from Lubbock, Texas recently spoke with actor Ynez Spencer, who will be joining the show in December.

Spencer is from Lubbock, so the local firefighters wanted to make sure he knew the differences between real-life firefighting and acting the part. “A show is not the same as real life,” said Capt. Phillip Grandon of the Lubbock Fire Department. “I did want him to know when a rookie shows up to the fire station, this is what they do. It’s a lot of work. You’re the new guy.”

As a rookie, you have to be willing to do bottom-of-the-barrel jobs, pick up the slack, and work harder than everyone else. “You’re having to prove yourself to the other crew members with a lot of little trivial things. As a rookie, are you willing to be humble to do all these trivial things really well,” said Grandon.

“Chicago Fire” portrays real-life well, but at the end of the day, it still has all the drama of a TV show. It’s important to know the difference.