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‘Chicago Fire’: One Moment Wasn’t Casey’s Finest Hour

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Tommaso Boddi/WireImage/Getty Images)

If you watch Chicago Fire on a regular basis, then seeing Matthew Casey not have solid moments is rare. But there was one indeed.

Casey, who was played by Jesse Spencer on the NBC show before he left, managed to muck things up once. Hey, not every character can be perfect. Let us look at what is going on here with some help from Looper.

When was Spencer’s lapse in judgment? Back in a Season 7 episode titled A Closer Eye. We find the Firehouse 51 team getting a call about an injured maintenance worker stuck in an elevator shaft. It also has a malfunctioning elevator that is just about to hammer on top of him.

‘Chicago Fire’ Moment Almost Finds Matthew Casey Seeing His Life Come to End

On Chicago Fire, time is ticking away so when 51 arrives, a plan is worked out. Casey wants to play hero so he goes and slides into the shaft. Why? He wants to save the worker by himself. Good plan? Nope. Casey almost dies. 

Why did a guy who is reasonable most of the time do this rather outlandish thing? His mind was in other places. See, his wife Gabby Dawson, played by Monica Raymund, goes off to Puerto Rico in the Season 6 finale. The Chicago Fire character is not handling the change well. Marriage issues are a priority for him.

First responders like Casey do learn how to separate their work life from their home life. Still, things do happen like Casey’s issues. Yet trying to play Superman and save someone inside a horrid elevator shaft is both reckless and ridiculous. He heard about it from his 51 teammates after making it out alive.

Fire Captain Has Been Voice of Reason Within 51 For Many, Many Seasons

Talk about a voice of reason. That’s been Captain Matthew Casey throughout his time on the show. He is no longer on the show as Casey moved out to Oregon.

Chicago Fire has let Casey be a constant presence. So, not seeing him around on Wednesday nights might get some fans a bit out of sorts. Who kept 51 in check? Casey did. And he did it for over more than 200 episodes within 10 seasons on NBC.

Yet the show does go on, like the old show-business phrase states. The One Chicago franchise remains a solid ratings winner for NBC with Fire, Med, and P.D. scoring weekly knockout punches when looking at the overnights.

Fans, though, are going to have some time to watch reruns and that’s it for a bit. NBC is putting its primetime shows on hiatus due to the Winter Olympics coming up in February.