‘Chicago Fire’: The One Scene and Episode That ‘Stick Out’ in Taylor Kinney’s Mind

by Lauren Boisvert

There have been a lot of emotional, pivotal moments on “Chicago Fire” over the 10 years it’s been on TV. Taylor Kinney, who plays Kelly Severide on the show, says there’s one scene in particular that sticks out in his mind. He spoke about the episode in an interview with Front Row Features in 2017.

When asked if there was an episode that resonated with him, Kinney had a detailed answer ready. “In one of the earlier seasons, either two or three, there was an episode where a child got stuck in a chute and died,” he started. He went on to say that in the last scene of the episode, all of the firefighters wore their “dress blues” and the child’s family drove past the firehouse. The flag was at half mast on the ladder, and everyone saluted the family.

“It wasn’t initially supposed to be the ending,” Kinney said. He goes on to explain that they didn’t film the episode in sequence; they didn’t know that would be the last scene. “I remember watching the episode later and it was really powerful. The way they put it together, the editors, was great. It ended up being the last scene, and I remember thinking, ‘Wow, that was pretty great.'”

He went on to say, “Sometimes you’re in the throes of work, you’re in the trenches, and you don’t realize at the moment what’s going to resonate when they put it together.” That’s the power of editors; they can take a seemingly mish-mashed collection of scenes, and put them together into a truly inspiring episode.

‘Chicago Fire’: Taylor Kinney Knew He Was Part of Something Special

When he first started on “Chicago Fire,” it was Taylor Kinney’s hope to do real life firefighters proud. He told Front Row Features, “I wanted to be able to walk down the street in any part of the city, and when I pass a fire house, I at least get the guys to say, ‘You’re doing a pretty good job. You’re doing us right.'”

He’s gotten that wish, apparently, because he then said, “if it’s a fire house that I walk by, some of the guys yell out, ‘Hey, it’s Taylor! Come on in and have some corned beef. Good to see you, Nice to meet you. Could we get a picture? Tell my kids, ‘hi!'”

So, Kelly Severide is doing some good on “Chicago Fire.” Kinney feels that he’s portraying his character accurately; they all are, with help from their consultant, a 35 year Chicago firefighting veteran. He helps the actors with terminology, working the equipment, and even drove the truck for them on occasion.

Speaking of his experiences with the public and actual firefighters, Kinney said, “That was kind of the reassuring thing that let me know that I’m a part of something good.”