‘Chicago Fire’: One Star Guest Starred on Both ‘Law & Order’ and ‘CSI’ as Well

by Chase Thomas

Jon Seda has been a busy man in the acting world over the years. The former star of Chicago Fire and Chicago PD has been all over the place and has a lot of familiarity with Dick Wolf and all of his shows across NBC. Seda first came into prominence as a character on Law & Order decades ago. Later, he would become a recurring character on Chicago Fire as Chief Investigator Antonio Dawson. This would end up being a big role for Seda as he would find himself firmly in the One Chicago universe both on Chicago Fire and later Chicago PD.

Seda finished out in 2017 on Chicago PD. His character had an issue with a relapse and opted to depart for Puerto Rico, and we never heard from him again.

Only time will tell if Seda’s character of Dawson returns somehow to the One Chicago universe.

Seda Works with Kids on ‘Chicago Fire’

One one of the cool things about Seda working in the One Chicago universe is that we learned on The Steve Harvey Show that he got to work with his own kids while on the show.

Seda told Harvey, “They got to earn their keep.” He continued, “My son’s my stand-in on the show. My daughter guest-starred in one of the episodes last year.”

It’s a family affair when it comes to Seda and the One Chicago shows.

Jesse Spencer Leaves Program

One of the other major departures of the show involved not just Seda but Jesse Spencer.

He told Cinema Blend of his departure, “I realized I’ve been doing TV for a long time. I added it up, and I think this year is my 18th year of television straight, because I went straight from House into Chicago Fire. And we were coming up to the 200th episode, and so I called Derek on making a personal decision. [I] called Derek and broke the news that I thought it was time to leave the show. And he agreed that we should at least get Casey to 200 episodes. “

It was time to do something else for Spencer. He worked a long time for several years and needed a break.

He concluded, “And it was a difficult decision, because I’ve loved the show from the start. But there’s other things that I would like to do in the future. And there’s some family that I need to take care of. And 18 years is a long time. That’s a long stretch. I was marking off these milestones and looking to the future and I called Derek. Well, Derek didn’t want me to leave, but we both agreed that if it was time for me, then it was time, so it was a difficult decision. And I hate to leave the show, because I do love this show. But you know, when the time comes, the time comes.”

Still, he could return and left the door open. Just look at Stabler on Law & Order. You never know in the Dick Wolf universe.