‘Chicago Fire’ and ‘P.D.’ Creators Unveil Creepy New Trailer for Latest Project

by Shelby Scott

The creators of “Chicago Fire” and “Chicago P.D” have a unique, creative, and awe-inspiring way of bringing our favorite “One Chicago” characters to life and adding depth to their storylines. After 10 long years with “Chicago Fire” on NBC, those same creators are moving away from the wholesome clarity and adventurous spirit of our beloved first-responder shows to something entirely different.

Moving away from screens and into the audio buds of Outsiders everywhere, “One Chicago” producer Dick Wolf and Wolf Entertainment are heading a new endeavor. The iconic brand has now created a completely unique fictional experience in the form of a podcast. As the producer sees continued success on his trilogy of Chicago-based shows, we’re excited to hear the announcement of his newest story, “Dark Woods.”

According to the new, chilling Apple Podcasts: Preview, “Dark Woods” follows the story of “two estranged ex-spouses” as they investigate a murder in the middle of the California redwoods. Listen to the suspenseful preview below.

“Chicago Fire” fans will be thrilled to know that alum Monica Raymund plays the role of one of those ex-spouses. Raymund previously played the role of paramedic Gabby Dawson on the hit show. Now, she’s filling the role of a city councilwoman in “Dark Woods.”

Her character will work to learn the truth behind what’s really taking place within her local state park. Haunting? Sure. Worth it? Definitely. Be sure to check it out, Outsiders.

‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Unhappy to See Return of One Character

While Dick Wolf experiments with his latest thrilling project over on Apple Podcasts, the latest episodes of “Chicago Fire” have seen the return of a previous season regular. Fans of the hit show were sad to see headlining character Matt Casey leave Chicago. However, they’re even less happy with the arrival of arson investigator Wendy Seager.

There’s no doubt that in an arson investigation, there’s no better pair than Lieutenant Kelly Severide and Wendy Seager. However, while on the show, fans have noticed the character flirts a little too much with our Squad 3 lieutenant. In earlier seasons, she managed to drive a bit of a wedge between Severide and his romantic partner and now-fiancé Stella Kidd.

In their frustration, “Chicago Fire” fans took to Twitter. “Not Wendy asking Severide out now that Stella isn’t around,” wrote one fan. After Kidd and Severide spent so long building and maturing their relationship, it’s frustrating to see a new character try to break those efforts down.

Meanwhile, another fan said, “Wendy stays shooting her shot with Severide…but can we blame her?” The fan then commended her determination, stating she hopes Wendy sticks around a while this season.