‘Chicago Fire’ and ‘P.D.’ Tie as TV’s Third-Rated Drama

by Anna Dunn

Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D are tied as Broadcast TV’s third-rated drama this year. New stats from the fall 2021 season show that the two shows have performed very well for the network. While it’s drawing in slightly smaller numbers than CBS’s hit dramas, it’s also scoring a much younger audience, giving the franchise an edge in the demo.

Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, and Chicago P.D make up the One Chicago Franchise. The shows have performed remarkably well for NBC and continue to dominate in the demo ratings. Like many shows, all three in the franchise are on a hiatus right now.

They will return in that Wednesday night slot starting on January 5th with Chicago Med at 8/7 Central. Chicago Fire airs next at 9/8 central and then Chicago PD will return right after that. Chicago Fire and Chicago PD are tied in the demo, but Chicago Fire does have an edge in the number of viewers. And fans are really excited to see it come back.

‘Chicago Fire’ Will See Brett Reunite With Scott and Amelia

Chicago Fire left us with plenty of unanswered questions in the season finale. And we are also dying to see what’ll happen next with Paramedic Sylvie Brett, who had a bit of a rough year. It looks like she’s due for a bit of a family reunion once the season returns.

Episode ten of the season, called Back with a Bang, deals with Stella Kidd’s highly anticipated return to the firehouse. But the 11th episode that airs the next week will have a bigger focus on Sylvie Brett, who fans also love. She’s going to reunite with her half-sister, Amelia as well as Amelia’s father, Scott.

The synopsis for the episode, Fog of War, cuts right to the point. Saying plainly that “Brett is visited by Scott and Amelia.”

We have no idea why, or what the nature of this reunion is. But family reunions don’t always go well for Brett. The last one ended in a bit of Tragedy. Brett was reunited with her pregnant birth mother, Julie. And the two quickly formed a bond. But we tragically find out that Julie died of complications while in labor.

At one point, Scott, who’s the father, insists that Brett take Amelia because he’s afraid he can’t raise a child without Julie. But Brett encourages Scott to be a father and says he’ll be able to do so without her. Now, we’re going to see how Scott and Amelia are doing after all this time.

The episode is also going to feature an intense rescue.

With so much going on in Chicago Fire, as well as exciting synopsizes for Chicago PD and Chicago Med’s returning episodes, January can’t come sooner for fans of the franchise.