‘Chicago Fire’ Season 10 Premiere: Full Recap of Episode 1

by Chris Haney

On Wednesday night, Chicago Fire fans were treated to the Season 10 premiere, which finally answered the cliffhanger from the end of last season.

First and foremost, there are numerous spoilers ahead, hence the “full recap.” You’ve been warned. With that out of the way, let’s get to the most pressing situation we were left to ponder since the end of Season 9. Would the rescue crew that’s trapped underwater make it out alive as their boat continues to sink? The short answer is, yes, but it comes with some repercussions.

Severide is able to create an explosion that thankfully creates an exit for the Chicago Fire rescue team. Additionally, Casey gets a tank and jumps in a boat to help rescue his colleagues. As he arrives at the scene, Capp and Tony are able to make it out of the water alive. But Severide is still down below helping Cruz who is unconscious. By the time Severide gets him to the surface, Cruz isn’t breathing as they immediately perform CPR.

‘Chicago Fire’ Rescue Crew Survive, But Cruz Isn’t Quite Right

Since he and Chloe are expecting a baby together, the TV gods spared Cruz’s life for now. Plus that would’ve been a bummer to start the season out with Cruz’s death at such a pivotal segment of his relationship with Chloe. However, Cruz isn’t himself when he returns to his Chicago Fire crew after taking it easy for a couple of weeks. He basically has PTSD from the underwater incident, but tries to play it off like it’s stress brought on from he and Chloe’s upcoming baby shower.

To make matters worse for Cruz, Capp spills too much information about Severide. He tells Cruz that Severide pushed himself to the brink to save his life, which shakes Cruz even more. The survivor doesn’t know how to thank Severide for rescuing him, and feels guilty about it. Yet Severide downplays it and tells him that he owes him a beer, and nothing more.

Later on in the show, Herrmann surprises Cruz and Chloe with a gorgeous baby shower at Molly’s outdoor patio. They got a helping hand from Gallo’s relative who owns a florist as well. The Chicago Fire crew is definitely family as they come together to celebrate the couple’s unborn child.

Wallace Boden Gets a Promotion, Leaving Firehouse 51

Later in the season premiere, Chief Boden reveals that he’s earned a promotion as the new deputy district chief. While most everyone on the crew is excited for him, Stella is less than thrilled. In fact, she proceeds to share concerns about him leaving Firehouse 51.

Stella emphasizes that 51 truly is a family, and that Boden is the glue that keeps the family together. Her thoughts weigh on Boden as he looks into moving district headquarters to 51. But Hill is worried that will ruffle some feathers at the existing headquarters if it’s moved, so the idea is nipped in the bud.

While at the baby shower, Stella apologizes to Boden for not originally being happy for him and his promotion. She goes on to explain that her own upbringing was less than perfect. She didn’t grow up in a loving household, and Firehouse 51 has been the closest thing she’s ever had to one. Stella didn’t want that to change even though she may be in line for a promotion soon as well.

In other Chicago Fire season premiere storylines, everyone knows about Casey and Brett’s new relationship.  “Do they not realize we all know they’re together?” Mouch says to Herrmann while everyone hangs out at Molly’s.

A lot went on in episode one, but there’s plenty more to come as Season 10 continues next week on NBC.