‘Chicago Fire’ Set for Another Mid-Season Hiatus: Everything to Know

by Joe Rutland

For Chicago Fire fans, enjoy this week’s new episode because another hiatus is coming for the NBC drama yet again. You want to watch this show in all of its glory and love to see it. But the network is going to make you wait a little longer for more new episodes.

‘Chicago Fire’ Will Go Back Out on Hiatus Yet Again This Season

Watch this one because the next break starts on Wednesday, April 27, according to One Chicago Center. NBC is planning to show a Season 10 episode titled “Whom Shall I Fear?” There is no real word from the network on how long this break will be. Hopefully, it will not last too long.

One star that longtime Chicago Fire fans would love to see back on the show is Jesse Spencer. Can we get another Matt Casey appearance sometime soon? “That would be amazing,” showrunner Derek Haas said in an interview with TVLine. “That would be a coup for our show if we could talk Jesse into coming back. [S]tatus on [Spencer’s return] is all systems looking good. And yes, I talked to him last week so I’m very hopeful that that’s going to happen.”

Show Is Part of Very Successful ‘One Chicago’ Franchise

Casey is definitely one of the show’s most popular characters. But he took off for Oregon to get away from the life of a firefighter. It’s one of the things that has given Casey some meaning and purpose in his life. Now, those things have changed.

Chicago Fire is part of the One Chicago franchise headed up by Dick Wolf. Other shows that appear on the Wednesday night NBC lineup are Chicago P.D. and Chicago Med. The lineup continues to rake in solid rating numbers. You have a lot of dedicated fans who watch this group of shows all the time. Let’s not forget that you can catch them in reruns. For instance, Chicago Fire can be seen on the USA Network at some times.

Seeing scenes of firefighters on the job does impress viewers. But getting these types of scenes right does take time. Imagine being on the set and needing to set up a fire. Well, it does take time and there are specialists on hand. Shows like this one have people who have spent their lives in the world of firefighting. Because of this, they can offer tips and insights that will help make these scenes more real. This helps as when you watch Chicago Fire, you hope that the scenes do have a bit of a realistic view. Keep an eye on when one of these scenes happens in the future and notice how you feel about watching firefighters on the job.