‘Chicago Fire’: Severide Reveals Reason for Stella’s Extended Absence

by Shelby Scott

“Chicago Fire” has seen some dramatic changes and developments throughout season 10. However, Wednesday night’s episode gave fans clarity regarding some situations, while introducing brand new storylines simultaneously.

As if Wednesday night’s episode of “Chicago Fire,” entitled “What Happened at Whiskey Point?” weren’t intense enough, one of our headlining characters just hinted at another “Chicago Fire” fan favorite character’s potential exit.

If you’ve been following this season of “Chicago Fire,” then you’re aware Severide’s new fiancé and fellow firefighter Stella Kidd has been missing for quite a few episodes. Well, she’s not missing per se. However, she’s been largely absent throughout season 10. Showrunners have attributed that fact to Stella’s being off in Boston expanding her Girls On Fire program.

However, more episodes than normal have passed without even a brief Stella appearance and we’ve begun to wonder why. Finally, we’ve heard a little bit of Severide’s side of the story regarding the firefighter’s furlough.

Is Stella Leaving?

After battling it out with fellow Lieutenant Herrmann throughout Wednesday’s episode, Severide finally gives the older man a chance with a cigar chat. In doing so, he asks that Herrmann just listen–it’s part of what makes their cigar chats so heartwarming. During which, Severide shared with Hermann, “I don’t think Stella’s coming back.”

Perplexed, Herrmann encourages Severide to continue. The younger lieutenant revealed that each time Stella’s furlough is supposed to come to an end, she extends. He emphasizes that the Girls On Fire program is important to Stella, especially as she kickstarted it on her own. Further, he shared that if she comes back, he doesn’t know where he will be.

I’m not sure what that means, exactly. However, “Chicago Fire” fans will truly be heartbroken if we lose both our headlining characters in one season.

‘Chicago Fire’s’ Stella & Severide Can Work Through Anything

The situation regarding Stella and Severide’s relationship is wholly confusing. At the season premiere, we saw Stella anxiously waiting for Severide to emerge from beneath a capsized boat. Soon after, however, Stella heads off to Boston and we haven’t seen her since.

All this came almost immediately after Severide’s marriage proposal last season and we can’t help but wonder what happens from here.

However, interestingly, Stella Kidd actress Miranda Rae Mayo previously said this season of “Chicago Fire” would put a major spotlight on the characters’ relationship. Additionally, she shared, “I think [Stella and Severide] can work through almost anything.”

Comparatively, it seems Severide is wholly about to give up on his and Stella’s relationship. We haven’t even seen his character speak to Stella over the phone. Wednesday night’s episode saw our lieutenant leaving a message for his partner, however, we have to wonder whether she’ll even call back.

Hopefully next week provides us a little more clarity and a better ending to this situation than the one Severide just hinted at.