‘Chicago Fire’ Showrunner Discusses Road to Extra-Packed 200th Episode

by Shelby Scott

Following a harrowing season 9 finale, “Chicago Fire” finally premiered the season 10 kickoff. And finally, Outsiders were awarded a final breath of relief as Kelly Severide and the rest of Squad 3 escaped their aquatic ordeal with their lives.

However, this season also highlights as one of the show’s hallmarks. Currently, cast members and showrunners prepare to head into their 200th episode. With that, “Chicago Fire” showrunners have promised some exciting events and character returns pending the 200th episode.

“Chicago Fire” showrunner Derek Haas told ET that in celebration of the NBC show’s 200th episode, viewers should expect to see several old character returns. Haas stated, “We have characters coming back that you haven’t seen since the early days of [“Chicago Fire”] in this season and we’ll continue to do that.”

Haas further gave us some insight as to when to look for the 200th episode of “Chicago Fire.”

“The 200th episode is the fifth episode,” he shared with the outlet. “Usually, we break seasons gearing a storyline towards the winter finale,” he explained. However, show representatives contacted NBC and “Chicago Fire” received permission from the network to focus their time and excitement on the 200th episode instead.

Unfortunately, Haas did not share what exactly the 200th episode will consist of. Although, he did share that we probably won’t see a Stella Kidd/Kelly Severide wedding this early in the season. “Wedding, I think, is a season sort of thing.”

However, the showrunner did say to expect some big things from “Chicago Fire” very shortly. “[T]here are going to be huge life-changing and show-changing surprises coming in that 200th episode,” Haas said.

What to Expect From “Chicago Fire” Upcoming Episodes

“Chicago Fire” fans have fallen in love with the dynamic plotlines that have put the show into its 10th season. However, ahead of the 200th episode premiere, we now know to expect, “big events, big calls, [and] big, life-changing decisions,” as we dive into the latest season.

However, we remain a few weeks away from the hallmark 200th episode. Although, we can give you a little bit of insight as to what to expect from next week’s new episode.

Next week, Captain Matt Casey gets captured in a video swinging between rooftops during the department’s latest fire call. Soon, the video goes viral. And while Firehouse 51 has gone viral in past seasons, our ever-humble Matt Casey sees Internet fame for the first time independently. And next week, we find out what his reaction to that is.

Nevertheless, besides the episode synopsis, we really can’t provide much else. However, perhaps, with his newly established relationship with paramedic Sylvie Brett, she’ll encourage him to ease up about things and express pride in his heroic efforts as well.