‘Chicago Fire’ Showrunner Hopes To Bring Back a Major Season 1 Star

by Joe Rutland

Would it really be possible for Chicago Fire to bring back a major star from Season 1? Well, anything is possible, Outsiders.

Let us hear from the showrunner with some help from an article by One Chicago Center.

So, Derek Haas, who oversees the Chicago Fire happenings, is right now working on a storyline – a humorous one – that would bring back the original owner of Molly’s.

He talked about it in a recent interview with TV Guide.

Haas said that the storyline here is “not set in stone yet.”

But the Chicago Fire boss feels hopeful this can work out. This would be a most excellent way of celebrating the origin of Molly’s.

‘Chicago Fire’ Bar Story Does Have Its Roots With Other Cast Members

If you have been watching Chicago Fire for a bit, then you will know back in Season 1 that Herrmann, played by David Eigenberg, pulled off a solid work here. He convinced Dawson, played by Monica Raymund, and Otis, played by Yuriy Sardarov, to invest in Molly’s Bar.

This is definitely a local bar that sure needed some love and care after it caught fire.

Buying Molly’s was a solid buy for Herrmann. It flew against the original ideas where previous purchases were not doing well.

Molly’s does play a key role in show history as a backdrop for memorable seasons and the heart of several storylines.

Wow, this has been one solid season of Chicago Fire thus far. Why? Writers have been using this season with Episode No. 200 to find ways that celebrate the show’s history.

It just appears the writers have no plans of slowing down when it comes to their celebration of the show’s legacy.

TV Show Gives Us A Chance To Compare It To Real-Life Firefighting

You know, Outsiders, TV shows do their best to provide a view of how first-responders like on Chicago Fire.

But there really is one thing that ticks off first-responders when they watch the show.

What is it? The lack of smoke.

Structure fires create a lot of smoke. Even though the fire is on a set, the smoke fires are controlled.

Also, they don’t really burn down a bunch of buildings in each episode. This is what Steve Chikerotis, a former firefighter, said in an interview with the AV Club.

“[The smoke is] the only exception,” Chikeroits says. “The smoke is 90 percent less than in an actual incident. If you shut your eyes right now, that’s our visibility in an average fire.”

Smoke is definitely a huge factor in the show. Creating a whole lot of smoke could be a bit problematic. So there will have to be a middle ground at some point taken.