‘Chicago Fire’ Showrunner Promises One Character Isn’t Going Anywhere

by Lauren Boisvert

Unfortunately, we’re not talking about a Matt Casey return to “Chicago Fire.” As much as we all would love that, there’s another character returning to the show that I think fans will be happy with.

Wendy Seager, the investigator who helped Severide with his arson case, is returning to Station 51. We don’t know how long she’ll be around for this time, but could this mean there’s another arsonist on the loose?

Showrunner Derek Haas spoke about Severide and Seager in conversation with TV Guide, speaking about Severide’s interest in arson cases. “Making Severide interested in arson and having a knack for it lends itself to some cool stories that we just normally wouldn’t tell in a show about just a firehouse,” Haas said. “So we’re definitely bringing that back.”

And with more investigations, means more Wendy, who works for the Office of Fire Investigation. Will Seager’s return throw a wrench in Severide and Stella’s relationship, or is their partnership strictly professional? Seager coming back and teaming up with Severide could be the excuse Stella is looking for to leave him. But it’s also a great way to explore Severide’s character.

Haas continued, “We’ve been reading a lot of interesting articles about cases and the way they can go in any direction. ‘Was it an insurance claim? Was this even arson?’ is, to us, interesting, and then you throw Seager and Van Meter into the mix, and we just think that’s fun. They love Severide. They want him to work there. And that makes it fun for us, to be able to push him into those stories and pull them back out. There’ll be a few more of those before the year is over. You haven’t seen the last of Seager.”

‘Chicago Fire’: Is This the End for Severide and Stella?

The winter finale of “Chicago Fire” ended on a major cliffhanger before the new year; Stella Kidd returned to Chicago, specifically to Severide’s house. She completely stopped communicating with him while she was gone, even though the two are supposed to be in a relationship. She also dropped a bombshell on him; she’s afraid of commitment.

Derek Haas had some things to say to One Chicago Center about Stella, including the fact that she’s “back for good.” She also “has a lot of explaining to do.” That one’s a given.

“It’s not just explaining to Boden why she didn’t immediately come back when she heard that Casey was leaving.” Haas explained that she also has to explain “why she went dark on Kelly when he was obviously trying to reach out to her and had her best interest in mind.”

What really brought Stella back, anyway? She seemed to be satisfied with her Girls On Fire program; did she come back for the Lieutenant spot left by Casey, or did she really come back for Severide?