‘Chicago Fire’ Showrunner Reflects on Casey and Gabby’s Big Moment

by Joe Rutland

Remember the big moment between Casey and Gabby? Well, the “Chicago Fire” showrunner has some reflections on it.

Derek Haas, who also is a co-creator of “Chicago Fire” along with his other role, talks about a scene from that Season 2 episode called “Rhymes with Shout.”

TVLine conducted an interview with him. The scene involves Matthew Casey, played by Jesse Spencer, and Gabby, played by Monica Raymund.

“I always remember the first time Casey and Gabby kissed,” Haas said. “She was getting ready to go over to his place, and there’s this great little sequence of shots that Joe Chappelle directed, where she’s getting dressed in the mirror, she’s putting on lipstick, and she opens her door and Casey’s there. He was coming over to her place. That one, I’ll always remember as being a really great romantic moment.”

Raymund and her character are no longer on the show. But the memory of this moment still lingers in Haas’ heart.

“Chicago Fire” is coming up to its 200th episode on Wednesday, Oct. 20. It’s part of the “One Chicago” franchise that also includes “Med” and “P.D.”

‘Chicago Fire’ Star Spencer Mentions How Show Had ‘Different Opening’

Jesse Spencer has been a part of “Chicago Fire” since its first episode.

The Casey actor commented about being all new to Chicago when it was done.

“We were trying to learn the ropes to 10 years later where it’s still going strong,” Spencer said. “It’s great it’s a great achievement and it just wouldn’t have been possible without the people here.”

But about the pilot episode? Well, there happened to be a different opening scene.

Spencer said he remembered shooting the opening scene “because originally it was a different opening to our show. Then we changed it to where Andy Darden is killed in the flashover. So that day, it was just the most we were shooting in March. It was one of the hottest days it was an unusual weather pattern.”

On that day, it was 105 degrees outside.

Taylor Kinney Also Remembered Shooting Pilot Episode For NBC Show

When it comes to having magic since Day One, “Chicago Fire” star Taylor Kinney saw it in the show.

In fact, Kinney, in an interview, recalled when he realized there was something special.

The pilot was filmed in March 2012. So, the cast and crew ended up at their hotel close to 4 a.m. The episode work got wrapped in two weeks and everyone is in good spirits.

“Jesse was finishing [his] house so that we’re all there and Eamonn had this little GoPro,” he recalled. “He said that someday we’ll all watch it [and realize how monumental the moment was]. I just remember Monica Raymund, Lauren German, [and] David Eigenberg [were there].”