‘Chicago Fire’ Showrunner Reveals His Favorite Episode So Far

by Joe Rutland

When looking at the numbers through 200 episodes of “Chicago Fire,” people are going to have favorites. Derek Haas definitely has one.

Haas, who is a co-creator and showrunner for the NBC first-responder drama, said his favorite was from Season 7.

It’s a season finale titled “I’m Not Leaving You.”

Why? Well, Haas talked about what makes it special when recently chatting up TVLine.

“Every now and then, we do these gigantic finales where people are in jeopardy, but that one seemed like it was our biggest we’d ever done,” Haas says. “It was at a mattress factory, and they were down in the basement. There was a giant boiler on fire. Everybody was kind of in different places, and I just remember, wow, that was a huge, huge production.”

Haas of ‘Chicago Fire’ Shares Creator Title With Another Franchise Maker

Putting a whole slew of actors and crew members in different situations is how you end up with a large production. Haas understands all too well the predicament that can make on “Chicago Fire” over the years.

He’s talking about this and other things related to the show in advance of its 200th episode. That will air on Wednesday night at 9 p.m. Eastern, 8 p.m. Central, NBC. Outsiders, you can catch it along with its sister shows, “Chicago Med” and “Chicago P.D.”

With all these shows in one block, it’s obviously a franchise. Who also could be involved in a franchise on NBC? None other than Dick Wolf, who has given us the “Law & Order” franchise there. Wolf also has his “FBI” franchise of programs on CBS.

“Chicago Fire” has been doing great with people watching the show. On Oct. 13, it led all shows airing on that Wednesday night in viewership. It looks like NBC has another long-running franchise from Wolf for a few more seasons.

What will be in that 200th episode on Wednesday, Oct. 20?

Haas offered some inside scoop on it in an interview

When talking with TV Line, Haas said it will have “big events, big calls, big, life-changing decisions.”

Events On Show May Affect Future of Jesse Spencer and His Character, Matt Casey

Well, as if you needed more incentive to watch the show, we come to the issues surrounding Matt Casey.

Casey, played by Jesse Spencer, found himself in a spot last week.

New information around two children is out and he’s got some choices to make.

What’s going to happen? Here’s Haas with some info.

He said that all he could say is that “we never hold anything back on Chicago Fire.”

Haas added, “Sometimes we fake you out, sometimes we don’t. That’s what makes the show interesting.”