‘Chicago Fire’ Showrunner Reveals If Victims Will Become a Bigger Storyline As Show Progresses

by Anna Dunn

The showrunner of Chicago Fire recently revealed whether or not some of the victims of one of the storylines are going to become a bigger part of the plot as the show progresses. In the season finale, Randy “Mouch” McHolland brought up the fact that while they save victims on calls, they never figure out what happens to them afterward.

But showrunner Derek Haas says that that isn’t going to become a huge part of the show moving forward because it’s something that firefighters don’t really focus on in real life. He discussed Mouch’s storyline in a recent conversation with TV Insider about the upcoming midseason premiere and the direction the show is taking.

“That was just really in relation to what was happening in that storyline, but it is something that older firefighters feel more as they get longer on the job,” Haas says. As firefighters get older, they often start thinking about the toll the events they respond to take on the people they save.

“It used to be that you could just compartmentalize and take these things out of your mind, but then, cumulatively, it starts to build and affects them,” he continued. “So we don’t have a storyline planned out to show more of that, but we did want to show that since I’ve heard that from firefighters who had 20 years on the job.”

It’s also part of the reason that Mouch has been so supportive of the paramedicine program started by Sylvie Brett.

There are Big Plans for the Next Half of the ‘Chicago Fire’ Season

This season of Chicago Fire is about to come back with a bang… literally. The next episode, titled Back with a Bang, sees the group work together on a major case and Kidd finally returns to the job. Of course, Kidd will have a lot to answer for and has multiple relationships she needs to patch up. Not to mention, her job and future are going to be in question.

But a big case means even though there may be some lingering resentments towards Kidd for her long absence, they’ll all have to work together. The episode will also address Boden and how he’s dealing with new responsibilities.

The next episode will be a really personal one for Sylvie Brett, who is going to reunite with Scott and Amelia years after a heartbreaking storyline that saw the death of her birth mother.

Chicago Fire has done very well in the ratings. In fact, it’s tied with fellow franchise member Chicago PD for the third highest-rated broadcast TV program after the most recent batch of episodes. And fans are definitely ready to see more. If you want to catch the next episode of Chicago Fire, it comes back on Wednesday, January 5th at 9/8 Central.