‘Chicago Fire’ Showrunner Teases That ‘A Lot of Storylines’ Will Have Climaxes in Episode 200

by Michael Freeman

Last Wednesday’s Chicago Fire episode set the stage for Matt Casey after he mentioned he might need to move across the country. However, with the show’s 200th episode premiering Wednesday, Casey’s storyline isn’t the only one that will come to a head, according to a showrunner.

Writer and producer Derek Haas spoke to TVLine ahead of the big episode. In the interview, he teased “a lot of storylines” will have climaxes, not just Casey’s. In fact, he makes it sound as if the show will go all out. “All I can say is we never hold anything back on Chicago Fire. Sometimes we fake you out, sometimes we don’t.”

Haas continues, stating 200 is a big milestone, meaning they are changing things up. For example, finales usually have huge things happening, but this episode is different. Coyly speaking to the media outlet, he says “there are some big, big things happening. Big things cinematically and also emotionally.”

“We knew it was going to be the fifth episode of the season,” Haas shares. “Usually, we break out everything toward the winter finale, but this year, we said, ‘Let’s break everything toward the 200th,’” Haas shares. “So a lot of storylines that have started are going to either get resolved or have some sort of climax in this episode.”

Also during the interview, Haas talks about Joe Cruz, whose wife, Chloe, goes into labor. Luckily, childbirth always goes off without a hitch on Chicago Fire, right? “Pregnancies have always gone well on our show. Nothing ever happens to complicate them, and so I’m sure this will be just another smooth pregnancy,” Haas said with a chuckle.

Jesse Spencer Kara Killmer Talk About What Makes Casey and Brett Work on ‘Chicago Fire’

When season 9 concluded on Chicago Fire, we saw Matt Casey and Sylvie Brett reveal their true feelings for one another. Speaking during a virtual press junket, Jesse Spencer talked about why they work and what makes their relationship “organic.”

Casey and Brett’s relationship has slowly transitioned from being close friends to romantically involved, emphasis on slowly. Besides being a tease for fans, Spencer and Killmer think the relationship’s evolution helped make it feel more natural. “The writers were just putting [the characters] together in situations where [Casey] was a guy looking out for his friend who was hurting,” Spencer stated. “It just felt really organic and felt really good.”

Killmer thinks the same, even saying before the big reveal she was rooting for them to finally end up with one another. “I’d like for them to get it together, but I want the works! You see, I want all the big gestures, just take notes, alright?” she said with a laugh.