‘Chicago Fire’ Showrunner Teases Pelham Is Here to Stay

by Taylor Cunningham

With Stella Kidd back at firehouse 51, Jason Pelham’s new promotion seems to be in the balance. But the newest Chicago Fire addition won’t go down without a fight.

From the very start of Chicago Fire, Stella Kidd has been focused on taking over as 51’s lieutenant. However, when the position finally opened, she passed it up so she could head out and promote her Girls on Fire program.

When Kidd left, she broke the bond she had with her team. And though she may have thought she’d have a second chance at becoming lieutenant, burned bridges are now standing in her way.

Another major roadblock in Stella Kidd’s career is Jason Pelham. The firehouse newcomer snagged Kidd’s dream position while she was gone. And not only that but he’s also become great friends with all the squad members.

Now that Kidd and Pelham are working together, Chicago Fire fans can expect to see a lot of tension in upcoming episodes. Stell Kidd isn’t happy that she’s effectively been replaced. And she’ll cause some complications for her new boss.

However, Chicago Fire showrunner Derek Haas is assuring fans that Jason Pelham isn’t going to just walk away from his new gig.

“Pelham is going to be sticking around for a minute”, Haas told Fansided. “You saw Boden offer him the lieutenant spot in this episode, which puts him rightfully in the firehouse family now. This is a guy who bounced around through no fault of his own.”

Jason Pelham Has Always Dreamed of Becoming a ‘Chicago Fire’ Lieutenant

Though the new character has only appeared in five episodes so far, we know that Pelham has also been looking for a lieutenant position for years. And he’s not going to let Kidd force him out of a job he worked so hard to snag.

Furthermore, the new lieutenant has built a strong connection with Wallace Boden. And he won’t let anything or anyone compromise that.

“Getting to work with Boden would be any firefighter’s dream”, the showrunner added. “So he’s not ready to just skip on out of there because Kidd decided to return.”

As the season continues, the Pelham and Kidd drama is going to cause a lot of conflict between the rest of 51’s firefighters. Some of the team members will side with Kidd. And not only because of her seniority at the firehouse but also because of deep friendships. And the other half of the group will side with Pelham because he’s proven himself as a selfless and passionate boss, which is a far cry from Kidd.

In any case, we can’t guess which firefighter will be the reining lieutenant by the end. But it looks like the rivalry will last throughout the rest of Season 10.