‘Chicago Fire’ Star Brett Dalton Among Many Affected by Flight Cancellations

by Joe Rutland

Travel conditions over the holiday season caused a lot of headaches. Chicago Fire star Brett Dalton found himself among them.

Dalton, who plays Lieutenant Jason Pelham in a recurring role, shared a little bit about his current situation on Instagram.

Outsiders, let’s take a look and see what is going on with Dalton.

This photo and caption were sent out on Sunday night.

No specific location was shared by the actor, either.

‘Chicago Fire’ Actor Apparently Headed Back To Work

But the actor did say that he was getting back to work. So, we could presume that he was headed back to the Chicago Fire set.

Other TV work that fans might know Dalton from includes Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. where he played Grant Ward and Hive. Also in his TV resume’ are appearances on shows like Blue Bloods, Army Wives, Elementary, and Deception.

Chicago Fire is part of the Dick Wolf-created One Chicago franchise on NBC. These shows, including P.D. and Med, air on Wednesday nights.

Now, will Pelham simply go the way of other characters and leave the show or is he going to hang around? It looks like he’s sticking for a bit.

See, a roadblock in Stella Kidd’s career is Jason Pelham. Hey, that’s Dalton! Miranda Rae Mayo plays Kidd.

Showrunner Says Dalton and His Character Are Hanging Around on Show

So, Pelham got Kidd’s dream position while she was gone. Then, he gets all buddy-buddy with the squad members.

We get to watch this dynamic turn sweet or into dynamite.

Chicago Fire fans will see them raise the tension in upcoming episodes. Kidd isn’t happy that she’s effectively been replaced. She will cause problems.

Chicago Fire showrunner Derek Haas is assuring fans that Brett Dalton isn’t going to walk away from his new gig.

Haas, in an interview with Fansided, says, “Pelham is going to be sticking around for a minute.

“You saw Boden offer him the lieutenant spot in this episode, which puts him rightfully in the firehouse family now,” Haas says. “This is a guy who bounced around through no fault of his own.”

This show definitely ups the ante when it comes to drama inside firehouses. But it also showcases it in the field, too.

Fires are definitely something to take seriously and it is doubly true for those in the first-responder world.

One thing you will notice with TV shows is the fact that their smoke scenes are a little bit less than real fire scenes. Some first-responders might want more reality in these scenes. It’s a tricky thing when trying to recreate fire on a TV soundstage.