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‘Chicago Fire’ Star Brett Dalton Hilariously Mimics a Painting in New Photo

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by GV Cruz/WireImage)

Brett Dalton of Chicago Fire took to Instagram Monday to post a hilarious new photo. In the photo, he is seen posing next to a painting. What’s funny, though, is Dalton is trying to mimic the man in the painting with hilarious results. Dalton wrote for the caption, “If 😬 were a person.”

Fans loved the funny photo on the page. One fan wrote, “That, and if Mondays were a person 😂😂.” Another fan wrote, “The artistry here though is 10/10 😂.”

Jesse Spencer Leaving ‘Chicago Fire’

Can you believe it’s already been a month since the start of Chicago Fire? Jesse Spencer chose to move away from the program. Fans everywhere of the NBC drama were stunned when it was revealed he was leaving Chicago Fire after so many years on the show. However, that is precisely why Spencer left. The longevity and spending more time at home, which is something we Outsiders completely understand.

Spencer told Cinema Blend at the time, “I realized I’ve been doing TV for a long time. I added it up, and I think this year is my 18th year of television straight because I went straight from House into Chicago Fire. And we were coming up to the 200th episode, and so I called Derek on making a personal decision. [I] called Derek and broke the news that I thought it was time to leave the show. And he agreed that we should at least get Casey to 200 episodes.”

It was clearly a difficult decision for Spencer. Getting to go from House to Chicago Fire and work consistently like this is a major deal. But, almost twenty years of nonstop work can take a toll on a person. It clearly took a toll on Spencer.

He continued, “And it was a difficult decision because I’ve loved the show from the start. But there are other things that I would like to do in the future.” And there’s some family that I need to take care of. And 18 years is a long time. That’s a long stretch. I was marking off these milestones and looking to the future and I called Derek. Well, Derek didn’t want me to leave, but we both agreed that if it was time for me, then it was time, so it was a difficult decision. And I hate to leave the show, because I do love this show. But you know, when the time comes, the time comes.”

It was hard for Spencer to leave Chicago Fire. He loved working with the folks there. He had to make a difficult choice that was in the best interest of his family.