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‘Chicago Fire’ Star Brett Dalton Shares ‘Beautiful Sunset’ Pic Caught ‘While Filming’

by Maggie Schneider
(Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

“Chicago Fire” star Brett Dalton loves a good sunset. The actor captured some beautiful images of the sky while filming. A coat of pink and lavender clouds sits above the wintry set. Dalton happily shares the moment with fans.

“Catch an all new episode of Sky-cago Fire tonight,” he writes. “Sky is the limit on this one!! @nbconechicago. Btw: this has absolutely nothing to do with the episode, just a beautiful sunset caught while filming.”

Fans of Lieutenant Jason Pelham appreciate the pretty views on their feeds. They are also wondering if their favorite “Chicago Fire” character will stick around.

“Just beautiful! Hoping your character has longevity on my favorite show!” @miguy1 writes.

“I really hope your character is sticking around!!! 🙌 love having you on one of my favorite shows,” @lorinasparkling adds.

The actor loves sharing behind-the-scenes images from the set. Typically posting once every other day, Dalton uses these little candids to promote the episodes of “Chicago Fire.” Fans get an inside look on the hard work each of the actor’s puts into filming day-in and day-out.

Will Brett Dalton Stay on ‘Chicago Fire?’

Due to recent plot developments, fans are wondering if Lieutenant Jason Pelham will be written off “Chicago Fire.” Showrunner Derek Haas responds to the rumors with a vague response.

“He will [stick around], yeah. That’s one of the big storylines in this [midseason finale] is he’s looking for a permanent place and we really like him,” Haas says. “And he wants to be lieutenant at Firehouse 51 in the same spot that Stella should be planting her flag. So Boden’s got some tough decisions to make. We’ll definitely keep seeing Pelham as the season continues. We really like him.”

“Chicago Fire” fans are hoping this means that Brett Dalton will not be saying goodbye to the cast anytime soon. Actress Mirandra Rae Mayo speaks fondly of her costar. She also talks about her character Stella’s changing dynamic with Pelham now that Casey is gone.

“I mean, bizarre! [laughs] Brett is lovely though. Brett is really sweet. He’s been wonderful to work with. It’s just bizarre not having Jesse on set… Casey was family and Pelham’s a stranger. That’s all. There’s not as much trust in who he is, as there was with Casey.”

When Will New Episodes Air?

Nobody is sure when a new episode of “Chicago Fire” will air on NBC. As of right now, there is nothing scheduled for the next two weeks. Due to other events such as the Beijing Winter Olympics, some fans are thinking that there will not be a new installment of the show until February 23.