‘Chicago Fire’ Star Brett Dalton’s Daughter Looks Like ‘Full-on Vermeer Painting’ in Heartwarming Pic

by Shelby Scott

Prior to its midseason hiatus, “Chicago Fire’s” newest cast member, Brett Dalton, snagged the hearts of Outsiders with his role as Lieutenant Jason Pelham. Now, it appears the actor’s daughter is receiving just as much love. Dalton’s latest post captures the young girl in an image closely mocking the style of the iconic Dutch painter, Johannes Vermeer. Dalton says as much in the caption beneath his post. Check it out.

The style, color scheme, and focal point all possess remnants of the Baroque period artist’s focus on light and subject matter. Further, the post unintentionally references his focus on interior scenes. Best known for his work, Girl with a Pearl Earring, the yellow and blue tones within the “Chicago Fire” star’s post mimic some of the same style and palette utilized in the classic painting.

From the girl’s velour gown to the bright yellow lemons on the counter to the swathe of light overtaking the image, there’s not a single element within the Instagram post that doesn’t scream Vermeer.

With that, fans took to the comments to compliment the beauty of the “Chicago Fire” star’s post.

“That’s a treasure,” wrote one of the actor’s followers. Another back-referenced the Vermeer-centric caption with, “Get this girl a pearl earring!”

Still more “Chicago Fire” fans added their own simple compliments. Many stated, “She is beautiful,” in addition to a plethora of heart emojis.

‘Chicago Fire’ Star Enjoys Beachy Views Amid Holiday Celebrations

Speaking of views and art, “Chicago Fire” star Taylor Kinney captured a rather beautiful image of his own in his latest Instagram post. And as the weather gets particularly cold here up north, Outsiders are definitely jealous of warm sunlight and sparkling ocean views we can only dream of right now.

Based on Kinney’s caption, which you can read here, the “Chicago Fire” star is immensely excited to celebrate the birthday of a close friend. Within the photo, three buddies hang out beachside, a large cooler to the left, a couch to the right, and a banner boasting highlights from the year 1971.

While the “Chicago Fire” star doesn’t tag any of the individuals within the photo, we can assume the central figure is Kinney himself. Observant fans will recall the actor’s been photographed wearing a hat similar to this before.

Meanwhile, followers flooded the comments with both birthday wishes and admissions of jealousy at the star’s current location.

“I am a little jealous[,] but I hope you have a great time,” wrote one “Chicago Fire” fan. Another said, “What I’d do right now to be on a beach,” while still another follower wrote, “Now that’s a view,” followed by several heart-eyed emojis.

As Christmas Day is quite literally around the corner, we hope both fan-favorite “Chicago Fire” stars enjoy a relaxing holiday break before the hit series returns with the New Year.