‘Chicago Fire’ Star Christian Stolte Raises an Interesting Question in New Photo

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

“Chicago Fire” character Randall “Mouch” McHolland may not be one of the show’s headlining characters, however, there’s no doubt he’s one of the most lovable. That said, fans had all kinds of thoughts pertaining to the actor, Christian Stolte’s, attire as he shared an interesting photo on Instagram just prior to Wednesday night’s midseason finale. Compared to the usual turnout gear Mouch typically wears on Truck, the photo captured the character sporting a nifty suit and jacket aboard Firehouse 51’s Truck 81.

“Why is this man wearing a suit to drive a fire truck?” Stolte mysteriously captioned the photo.

While I know the answer, I’ll only hold out a little longer so I can let you explore some of the “Chicago Fire” actor’s fans guesses ahead of the midseason finale.

“PLEASE TELL ME THAT YOU’RE NOT LEAVING THE FIREHOUSE,” one concerned fan wrote. Thankfully, that wasn’t the reason at all.

Meanwhile, another fan guessed that Mouch, as a union rep, was going to an official meeting of some sort. If that was your thought, then again, the answer’s incorrect.

Other fans quipped that it’s because, “he has a badass truck,” or that, “he’s sexy as hell!”

‘Chicago Fire’ Touches Hearts with Mouch’s Charitable Act

However, while not incorrect, it also didn’t explain the “Chicago Fire” character’s appearance.

No, Mouch wore a suit to drive truck as one of his latest charitable and heartfelt acts.

When an older man, playing Santa Claus in a city park, becomes entrapped by the park’s massive Christmas tree and suffers an impalement, Mouch takes a personal interest in the man’s recovery. In speaking with the victim’s wife, he learns that the injury will cause him to miss his favorite charitable event of the year, where he and the Mrs. show up to the local Boys & Girls Club to hand out gifts, all for free.

That’s where Mouch and Truck 81 come in. Once “Santa” recovers from his ordeal, he and a handful of other “Chicago Fire” crew members show up at the hospital, in civilian clothes, to give the victim and his wife a ride to the center.

Somewhere in between, he and his wife grab their Santa and Mrs. Claus garb and they head over to the charity center.

From there, “Santa” and his wife greet the children from on top of the truck, while Mouch and the rest of the crew don festive hats to hand out gifts to the kids. Overall, it closed out “Chicago Fire’s” fall season on an incredibly warm and heartfelt note. Not to mention deepened our love and gratitude for one of “Chicago Fire’s” oldest first responders.