‘Chicago Fire’ Star David Eigenberg Revealed What Landed Him the Role

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Barry Brecheisen/Getty Images)

Chicago Fire actor David Eigenberg has played two iconic roles with very similar qualities. And while he’s not exactly sure how the typecasting began, he’s certain that it has something to do with his unique personality.

Before Eigenberg started playing Christopher Herrmann on Chicago Fire, he was Steve Brady in Sex and the City. And both characters are eerily similar to each other. Not only are they hard-core New Yorkers, but they’re also bar owners.

And playing two major bartending roles is a strange career phenomenon for the actor. Because as he told Entertainment Weekly, he’s never actually lived the part. And on top of that, Eigenberg doesn’t even drink.

“There’s something about my personality about that bartending thing,” Eigenberg shared. “I find it weird because I’ve been sober for 34 years.”

The actor admitted that he’s worked a few “charity bartending events” in the past. But aside from a handful of those, he has absolutely no experience living like Steve or Christopher. Not only has he never owned an establishment that so much as served liquor, but he didn’t even work in or near a bar through school.

David Eigenberg is literally so detached from the lifestyle that it’s laughable. So landing two very specific characters who make a living tending bar is “just a weird coincidence.”

“I guess there’s just a part of me that I guess is part of me,” he said.

Are Severide and Kidd Headed Towards a Breakup on ‘Chicago Fire’?

Stella Kidd may be back at the 126, but her time away has put a major strain on her Chicago Fire romance. So does that mean that she and Severide are heading towards a breakup?

During the fall finale of Chicago Fire, Kidd packed her bags and took her Girls on Fire program on the road. But when she did, she left her finance behind. And to make matters worse, she ghosted him while she was away.

When the firefighter finally came to her senses, she went back to the firehouse and promised Severide that she still wanted to get married. But Severide doesn’t seem so sure that he wants the union himself.

During a recent interview with ET, showrunner Derek Haas admitted that Kidd’s little stunt has caused a lot of mistrust in her relationship. And for the rest of season 10, the two will struggle to stay together.

“There’s a lot to talk about,” he said. “It’s both her place at the firehouse and her place with her relationship with him that’s going to need some major work-in-progress-type renovations. Major renovations.”

And while Haas didn’t share whether or not the two will work things out, he did note that Severide is questioning his place in Kidd’s life. And he’s not sure if he can recover from the abandonment. So yes, there is a good chance, the couple will break up.

“He doesn’t know quite how to react to that situation of being ignored… or abandoned for the most part, even if the reasons were good and noble,” Haas added. “This is going to be a source of concern going into the second half of the season.”