‘Chicago Fire’ Star David Eigenberg Was a Marine Long Before He Portrayed Lieutenant Herrmann

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

Before David Eigenberg was saving the Windy City on Chicago Fire, he was protecting our freedoms in the U.S. Marines.

And though his character never served, the actor still believes that his time in the military has helped him understand and respect the firefighting profession.

On the show, Eigenberg plays Lietenant Christopher Herrmann, one of 51’s top leaders. Outside of work, Hermann is a devoted father of five. But his paternal instincts carry over to his professional life as he serves as a father figure for many of his crew members. And he’s particularly fond of training new recruits how to be sage firehouse members.

As Herrmann says on the show, “It’s my job as an old firefighter to teach the young firefighters how to become old ones.”

But long before Eigenberg joined Chicago Fire, he was learning a thing or two about wearing a uniform while serving in the Marines.

According to Screen Rant, David Eigenberg signed on with the United States Marine Corps Reserve in 1982. And he served for three years. Before heading to Hollywood, the actor earned the rank of Lance Corporal.

And though he retired from the military four decades ago, Eigenberg still actively works with soldiers. On many occasions, he’s partnered with the United Service Organization (USO). The charity provides entertainment to all the branches of the United States Armed Forces.

While working in a USO event that followed 9/11, Eigenberg met his wife, who is also a veteran. And while he was helping the organization in 2019 at the Naval Station Great Lakes in Illinois, the actor reportedly made a special stop at the local fire department.

“They [firefighters] understand that you understand service,” said Eigenberg.

The Cast and Crew of ‘Chicago Fire’ are Back to Work After a COVID Forced Pause

Good news, Outsiders. Filming of Chicago Fire has resumed.

Last week, the Dick Wolf production came to a sudden stop after someone on set tested positive for COVID. But on Thursday, the producers gave every the all-clear. And according to sources, the future episodes will air as scheduled, despite the short pause.

But while moving forward, Wolf will continue to prioritize the heath of the cast and crew over the Chicago Fire film schedule.

“We are testing like crazy and we would never ask actors to do anything that they don’t feel comfortable with,” he told Us Weekly. “That’s been our policy for nine years. If we ever have an issue, we’ll adjust accordingly. … We’re all figuring it out together, and I do trust my cast. I can’t say enough about how great our cast and crew are. So, fingers crossed. But you know, I’m nervous.”