‘Chicago Fire’ Star Jesse Spencer Gathers With the Squad in Throwback Photo

by Lauren Boisvert

Thanksgiving is over but Jesse Spencer still gathered with his TV fam in spirit, posting a throwback photo of himself with the “Chicago Fire” squad.

The photo features, Jesse Spencer, Taylor Kinney, David Eigenberg, Joe Minoso, Monica Raymund, with Kara Killmer, Tony Ferraris, Randy Flagler in the background. They all look like they’re goofing off between takes, as some of them are in full gear. It does look like the heart of winter, as well, as they’re bundled up in jackets and sweatshirts.

A few fans posted heartwarming comments on the photo; one wrote, “forever a family,” while another commented, “the good ole days.”

It seems like Jesse Spencer is dearly missed on the show, since he left in the 200th episode in Sept. Spencer said that he wanted to focus more on his family and other creative projects, and decided to leave his role as Matt Casey on “Chicago Fire.” He was on the show for 9 and a half seasons, climbing the promotional ladder to be captain of Truck 81.

Even though there’s a new guy in his place, Matt Casey won’t be forgotten by fans or fellow co-stars that easily. Jesse Spencer obviously cherishes his time on “Chicago Fire,” if his Instagram posts are anything to go by; he loves to post behind-the-scenes looks and throwbacks from the show on social media, along with his personal photos.

COVID-19 Helped ‘Chicago Fire’ Cast Bond More

Kara Killmer, who plays Sylvie Brett on “Chicago Fire,” spoke about the differences between pandemic filming and regular filming. She spoke about the protocols and restrictions put in place to keep everyone safe while filming together, calling it “like working in a cleanroom on the International Space Station.”

But there was some good that came out of the pandemic for the “Chicago Fire” cast as well. Killmer also said it helped the cast bond with each other, and create more lasting friendships. “In a weird way,” she said, “I think it has bonded us I think more, just because everyone’s looking around and feeling like we’re all supporting each other and trying to keep each other healthy. And we’re still just working so hard.”

The “Chicago Fire” cast and crew put in so many long hours of work to make a great show for fans, one that’s accurate, but with just the right amount of drama to keep people coming back. The characters are great, multi-faceted, and interesting; fans can really get invested in their lives. There’s the right amount of comedy to balance out the seriousness of the show; “Chicago Fire” toes that line in the best way. The show is, honestly, a great success, even with its star leaving early in the season. Keep it up, “Chicago Fire.”