‘Chicago Fire’ Star Kara Killmer Says Reaching 200 Episodes Is Like an ‘Insurmountable Paramount’

by Jacklyn Krol

Chicago Fire star Kara Killmer believes that the show’s new milestone is because of Dick Wolf.

The first responders drama will be celebrating its 200th episode in the fifth episode this season.

“200 episodes is like an insurmountable paramount that we’ve reached here,” she began. “This is exactly the kind of thing that Dick Wolf does. So I’m not that surprised that we’re here.”

Who is Dick Wolf? He’s the mastermind behind most of your favorite television series. He’s created and produced Law & Order along with its spinoffs and FBI. He also created the One Chicago night with the show’s spinoffs, Chicago Med and Chicago PD.

“He’s kind of notorious for having 200 episodes [in a series]. We’re really excited. Obviously, I haven’t been here since day one but it’s really cool to see all of the original cast get to celebrate this moment. To be a part of it and be here with everyone [speechless].”

The cast and crew celebrated with an epic party in downtown Chicago with a thousand cupcakes, balloons, giant cake, DJ, and more.

Looking back on her favorite moments on the show, Killmer revealed that Season 3 Episode 11, “Let Him Die,” was her all-time favorite. The team was trapped in a decommissioned soap factory with mafia guys holding them hostage.

“There was just something about that episode that was so fun,” she added. “I loved being locked in a room with Charlie and these two other actors and we just had the best time.”

‘Chicago Fire’ is a Big Family

One of the reasons that the show resonates so well with people is because of the Chicago Fire‘s chemistry off-screen. They regularly refer to themselves as family.

“You think about your own family, quirky, dysfunctional, and crazy as it is and you just project that onto exactly who we are,” Killmer explained.

She noted that there’s something “very special” about her colleagues. Killmer and the team have compared the instance to catching lightning in a bottle. They admitted that they were hesitant of new people joining the team because they didn’t want to wreck the flow, but that has never happened.

Another Chicago Fire star Taylor Kinney, spoke about the same sentiment. It was when the original crew was filming the pilot episode and doing reshoots in downtown Chicago. They just wrapped on the first episode and all headed back to their hotel at 4 A.M. to celebrate. Eamonn had a GoPro on him and captured the whole thing.

“He said that someday we’ll all watch it [and realize how monumental the moment was],” Kinney said. “I just remember Monica Raymund Lauren German, David Eigenberg [were there]. We all just it kind of gelled and Eamonn was coming off of a job and he said that this is really rare. And he was right! I really want to see some of those videos from that first episode!”